WHY WAIT Workout Series #8

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WHY WAIT Workout Series #8

Tip of the Day:

Pump iron! One pound of muscle burns 30-50 calories per day, while 1 lb of fat only burns about 9 calories per day. The more muscle your body contains the more calories you burn each day.

Workout #8 Hit the Deck

Equipment needed: deck of cards

Warm-up: 5 min of 1 min of high knees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, squat jumps, butt kick

Each card suit signifies a different exercise. Use the card number for reps. Face cards are 10 reps, joker is 15 reps of each exercise.

♥(H) = Tricep Pushups (Yoga Pushups)

♦(D) = Lunge Jumps (OR Alternating forward lunges/per side)
♠(S) = Situps (OR Crunches but double the reps)

♣(C) = Supermans

REMEMBER!  We NEVER compromise form!  Complete in your best possible time


Cool down: 5-10 min of stretching glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, calves, abs, shoulders, and chest

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