The truth about Boot Camp

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On the fence
So you’re undecided about joining boot camp?  You’re probably wondering if the sound of an alarm going off at 5am, five days a week is worth it. Despite what you’re thinking, your buddy, by now is pretty much a convert on the new fitness boot camp he/she joined.

The conversation may go something like:

You: “5:30 in the morning, five days a week?!!!!”
Buddy: “It’s well worth it. You get used to it after the first week.”

You: “I don’t know. That’s early.”
Buddy: “Just try it. It’s the most effective time to workout throughout the day.”

You all see where this is going- you try to talk yourself out of it, your buddy try to convince you to become part of it. You’re still skeptical because your buddy have been working out for two weeks and  visual results aren’t as obvious, even though he/she’s making significant improvements.

But the truth of the matter is: Boot Camp works!!

Changes for you
In the course of the 20 workouts (depend on your effort level) you find yourself getting fitter and stronger. You also tend to lose weight but more importantly you lose inches and make significant strides in your performance improvements. In the meantime, while all these awesome things are happening at boot camp, a dwindling social life can be the result of all this.  But that’s little to offer when you’re on the road to your fitness and health goals. And before you know it your boot camp session is winding down, by this time 5am wake up calls are second nature and there’s a something that seems to come upon you.

Not so fast

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