Taking Charge of Your Life through Nutrition: Introducing JCF Grocery Store Tours

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Taking charge of your life through nutrition starts with surrounding yourself with “goodness.” Achieving a healthy weight begins with selecting the most healthy and nutritious foods at the grocery store! How can you change your eating habits without changing the process of bringing food to your plate! In order to be successful on any fat loss program you must have healthy, delicious food available in your home.

Our grocery store tours will help demystify the reading of food labels as you gain more insight on choosing the most healthy and nutritious foods available.  Even the best fat loss program can be sabotaged if you don’t have healthy foods readily available in your home.  With the power of marketing and advertising and the impact of the media, what’s truly healthy may be misinterpreted.

Master the art of grocery shopping and building a grocery store list as we take a tour together at our local grocery store. During your tour, we will help you learn how to read nutrition labels, navigate the grocery store, build a perfect grocery store list, avoid marketing traps, improve nutrient quality and add variety to your diet! You will also learn how to stock a healthy and tasty kitchen with foods your whole family will enjoy!

We will be holding a 90-min grocery store tour on Sunday August 12th 9am @ Jersey City Shop Rite for a fee of $25 per person– 10 person limit.

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