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“JCF Boot Camp helped me lose 20lbs in two months!!  I started this program thinking, I just want loose 20lbs and now as I write this I’m onto my 4th cycle with JCF and I’m hoping to drop another 15lbs! I know with Daris coaching me physically and Grace guiding my eating, it’s possible!

It’s wild to think that just a few weeks ago, running one lap left my lungs gasping for air and my legs burning and now, on my days off I crave the adrenaline rush I get from the workout.  We all have busy lives that can rob us of good nutrition habits and exercise but I quickly realized if I’m not in good health no one is getting my best self.  Sure it’s a way of life and really lets be honest its not a hard one.

You just have to commit to the program and yourself, just after the first week you’ll notice you are stronger, you have more energy and what really did it for me was when my “skinny” jeans became my too big jeans, I was hooked! After working with Daris and Grace as my built in support system it became easier and easier each day to stay on track and keep energized.

Daris motivates with a gentle hand throughout class and the encouragement from Grace throughout the day is a perfect way to keep you accountable and on target.  I’m finally feeling strong, energetic and when I get compliments from people that notice the weight loss I just smile and say….JCF Boot Camp!!”

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