Week 6 Rock My Skinny Jeans Challenge Progress Report

This week you will notice I ask you about your sleep and your stress levels.  Sometimes no matter how great your diets are or how consistent you are with your workouts if you are not getting enough sleep or have excessive stress in your life, hormonally speaking your body is a mess and makes it extremely hard to lose bodyfat.

If you are going to bed late and not getting enough sleep, lets get off the technology and slowly find ways to get to bed earlier.

Stress is a silent killer. Many individuals I have worked with and through a lot of study on this subject, much of our stress is perceptual and not reality based.  We tend to make situations more stressful by the meaning and association we give it.

Stress is actually healthy and has real life survival purposes but excessive stress is deadly and linked to so many chronic diseases. Have you ever met a super healthy person who is continuously stressed out? Probably not.

One of the best books on this topic is a book called “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers”.  This book focuses on the damage stress causes the human body (if you are a high stressed individual you need to read the book, it will scare you into relaxing a bit ☺).

The premise of the book is in the title.  Zebras are chased by lions in the wild. While being chased they are under extreme amounts of stress and massively release stress hormones that help them survive. Once the chase is over and they are alive, zebras stress hormones go back to normal. They literally survived a life or death situation and within a few minutes they are fine.

We as humans don’t do that. We think about the stressful things in our life, we relive them, dwell on them, feel sorry for ourselves, and can’t let things go.

Do I get stressed? Absolutely, I have learned to control it by a) making the choice to not allow to run me and/or my life. b) recognizing worry won’t change things only action will. c) having a game plan to execute if/when it happens.

I also try to just focus on the things I can control which I refer to as “sweating the .  Too many of us try to control the things we cannot control and focus too much of our energy on the things we can’t control and will live in a state of perpetual stress!

More times than not if I drew a circle three feet around me, the only thing that would occupy the circle is ME. Control the three feet!

RMSJChallenge Progress Report Week 6

8 Week Challenge Progress Report. Please answer all questions each week by Sunday.
  • Total number when you add up the following measurements: waist, hips, right thigh
  • Committed to your better body and better life,

  • The JCF Team

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