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“I regret doing so many things in my life,but one thing l will never ever regret is my decision to join JCF. Mine is a simple case of boy meets girl, girl falls in love with boy,boy proposes, and girl realizes she needs to get in shape before walking down the aisle. I looked up several gyms and fitness camps in my area and after going back and forth l decided to try out JCF BOOT CAMP. I joined this team in Feb of 2012 to get fit for my June 30th wedding and my plan was to stop attending camp in May so l don’t loose too much weight to fit my fabulous wedding dress. I cannot emphasize enough how much l have learnt from this camp. Daris is an awesome trainer and he pushes us in the most gentle way possible. He does not scream and shout like most boot camp trainers but he still holds you accountable for slacking off. With slogans like No Quit Zone, Get Your Mind Right(when you are too tired to do the final lap and are thinking about what you will have for breakfast) to the reminder that we are in this All Day Every Day, l find myself reciting this slogans at work when l’m almost giving up.On the days when l miss class he is keen enough to notice and he will text you or ask you in class where have you been. Every single day he has something new for us and the exercises never get boring and predictable. He is always on time, always happy and always ready to help when you are struggling with an exercise.

Well, its now September and l CANNOT quit JCF!!! I have achieved so much in the months that l have been a part of this and l don’t plan on stopping any time soon. It has become my second home and l have met wonderful ladies who have taught me how to push yourself to get better. I couldn’t do a push up to save my life but l’m happy to brag that l can now blow out push ups , with one hand if l wanted to. I had 3 pound dumbbells when l started this program but l can now lift 12 pounds with no problem, which is a reminder l need to move to 15 pounds. The amount of energy l have every time l’m waking home from class is good enough to make me want to wake up the next day and do it again.

Truth is, this is the best fitness program out there,with the BEST fitness trainer and the BEST group of women l have ever met. This is now my home, and l will always be proud of how fit and chiseled l look. JCF boot camp is a part of me, ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!!”

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