Objections: The first step is the hardest, especially in the cold

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first-step1We’ve heard it time and time again — “Just do it” or “Get there and the rest will take care of itself.” As a fitness coach, I’ve heard all of the objections and road blocks that keeps one from reaching their potential, whether that is having the body she wants, losing the weight she wants, or getting healthy.  

It’s happens to all of us – we wait for the “perfect” moment to take action (i.e. Jan. 1) and end up procrastinating. Combine that with the fact that it’s brutally cold outside and you have the perfect recipe for analysis paralysis! In the fitness world this is succeeded by weight gain, clothes don’t fit the way they used to, and “New Year’s Resolutions” to get back to where you were just six weeks ago.

Many things are complicated but taking action doesn’t have to be. It was a HUGE relief knowing I could build JCF with a single Craigslist ad back in July 2008. It is just a matter of taking that first step (even in the cold, even if it’s imperfect) because you’ll see it gets much easier the second, third, and fourth step. Before you know it, IT becomes doable.  

Once you have taken the proverbial hardest first step, here’s some practical advice to stay on your path to your better body and better life:

1. Start with your WHY or reason – this will drive you so no matter how cold or imperfect it is outside your drive and fire burns within.

2. Be accountable to something or someone other than yourself – find a fitness community that will help you achieve your goals, provide encouragement, and even carpool with you to ensure you workout.

3. No more winter blues – remember how good it feels when that 1st step is behind you and the emotional life that follows.

No one has ever regretted a workout. You only regret those you miss.  So here’s to YOUR 1st step and the promises that follow!

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