No Guilt Super Bowl Party

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As much as it pains me, I must say, congratulations to the New York Giants and New England Patriots (still hurting from the Saints lost)!  Now that the sportsmanship stuff is out of the way, let’s really get down to what we came here to do – enjoy the Super Bowl!  Whether you’re a Giants fan, Pats fan (Saints fan ;o)), baseball fan or not a sports fan at all, let’s face it there’s still good times to be had at a Super Bowl party.  Here are some tips to help you have a guilt-free Super Bowl Sunday:

  • Save room for cheating– eat impeccably the days (1-2) leading up to the Super Bowl to have this time as your “cheat” or “treat” meal(s).  Remember our 90/10 Rule!  Eat right 90% of the time and treat yourself 10% of the time.  This should be your 10% of the time…!
  • Don’t show up empty handed– no one wants to be that person that shows empty handed, right?!!  So be sure to pack one- just one measly ol’ healthy snack to have during the party.  It can be a fruit salad, carrots, almonds, broccoli, blueberries, etc. to hedge our not-so-good consumptions.
  • Size does matter. Think small and cut the paper– people using paper plates tend to eat more later because they consider those meals as just “snacks.”  Use saucer plates!  But be nice and help the host by re-using your plate.  If you really want to ensure you’re invited back next year go ahead and wash your plate.
  • Double fist- for every alcoholic beverage you consume chase it with at least eight (8) ounces of water to stay hydrated and fuller.  That means less calories consumed – WINNING!
  • Have fun! Enjoy the game, festivities and folks you’re partying with.  Don’t beat up yourself counting calories and carbs.  If (when)  you follow the above tips, you’ll be on your way to a super, fun time!

Enjoy the day and be super this Super Bowl Sunday!  We will!

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