New Year. New You. Challenge- the (midpoint) scores are in…

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The New Year. New You. Challenge is off to a great start!  The ladies are seeing great results and have embraced JCF’s 1st ever Challenge.  Don’t forget that the final assessments are coming up soon, along with a potluck to celebrate everyone’s hard work and to honor challenge winners.  Below is the scoreboard through the first half of the Challenge:

  • Ravishankar 34.8
  • Grimmett 34.2
  • Smith 24.1
  • Norsworthy 24.05
  • Santos 19.5
  • Camillo 18.07
  • Bagri 17.27
  • Schmidt 16.35
  • Egles 14.52
  • Brown 12.6
  • Battistoni 12.53
  • Bright 9.35
  • Winkler 9.17
  • Wood n/a
  • Kaur n/a
  • Howell-Trent n/a

Stay tuned for the final weigh-in and assessments on March 5, 2011!

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