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Camper Spotlight Hedda J- A true game changer

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Congrats to our camper spotlight of the month Hedda J! You’re Amazing!  Our Camper Spotlight for the month is Hedda J. for making fitness a way of life. She impresses  and inspires the JCF Team and her fellow campers and embodies the JCF spirit! Congrats on an impressive transformation Hedda …job well done! Here is her story in her own words …….  ________________________________________________________________ As someone who has been working out on and off since high school working out became a little mundane for me after a while, it was something to do because I knew it was good for my overall health. I remember seeing the JCF poster in the PATH station a couple of times and wondering what was so different from what I was already doing in the gym, but still wasn’t convinced for another six months. In June of 2014, I decided to give JCF a shot since nothing changed with my mundane workouts within the last six months, I was also losing hope because I was working out less. My first week was a kick in the butt because I thought I had some type of stamina, I didn’t, I couldn’t keep up. I remember missing a couple of sessions and when I got back the first thing Daris said to me was “Get Your Mind Right.” I loved that because I was being held accountable, no gym could do that especially working out on my own. So I began the daily sessions of new and challenging workouts. After a month, the workouts gave me the confidence to enter my first Mud Race in July. Just when I started to get my grove and saw huge improvements in my overall body compensation, Daris took it to another level. Drastic improvements came when I took part in the 8-week JCF Game Changer Program, let me just say WOW!!! My main objective for entering the Game Changer program was to focus on     my nutrition. It was out of control (boy, I love junk food, especially sweets). I’m what you would consider an emotional eater, regardless if I was happy or sad I ate whatever was available and at times I wasn’t even hungry. So, along with the daily JCF workouts which included track workouts we were provided with specific meal planning and prep that were to be followed to-a-tee, NO EXCUSES! The workouts along with the nutritional guidance proved to be instrumental in my overall mind and body transformation because we were taught how to plan and prep meals and make wise food choices. The meal planning offered alternatives for my favorite foods while still offering cheat days so that you didn’t feel deprived, that was the best part for me since I love food. Today, I still continue to plan and prep my meals and attend daily workout sessions. There are slip-ups at times but I jump right back on the bandwagon because nothing beats having your hard work get noticed. Let’s just say I walk a little taller and feel a lot more confident than I’ve ever did before. Thank you Daris, the entire JCF Team and my Game Changer Boot campers who played a large role in this transformation process by constantly pushing me beyond my limits and holding me...

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Camper Spotlight Jessica D.-Mother of three down 2 pants sizes and counting

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  Congrats to our camper spotlight Jessica D.!!  You ROCK!! Our Camper Spotlight for the month is Jessica D. for continuing to get better each and every session she attends. She impresses the JCF Family inspires her fellow campers and embodies the JCF spirit! Congrats on a wonderful transformation Jessica …job well done! Here is her story in her own words ……. ____________________________________________________________________________________ As a mother of three children my life was consumed by wake up, get the kids ready, get myself ready, take the bus to the PATH and take the subway to my office.   Sprinkle in stopping at Dunkin Donuts for that coffee and bagel and having McDonalds for lunch because it was convenient and you have a recipe for Mommy getting a little pudgy and unable to play after the day’s activities because she was too tired.   Not only was I getting tired I was slowly but surely going up sizes.   Before I had my 4 year old daughter I was active and a healthy size 8. While she was an infant I was breastfeeding and eating extra calories. After I weaned her at about a year I never stopped eating those extra calories and didn’t have a work out regiment. I slowly went up to a size 10.   Two years later I had my second daughter. Again I breastfed her, again I kept eating the extra calories to feed her and again I continued eating extra calories after weaning her.   One day in April 2014 I noticed that the size 14 pants I had started to get tight on me and I slowly started creeping towards that plus size section.   That’s when I decided this has to end. What went wrong? I use be able to run 7 minute miles. I use to play soccer and play an entire game no problem. I started looking for a gym but I’m the type of person that needs to be motivated. I hate just running on a treadmill or lifting weights while looking at myself in the mirror. BOOOOORIIING!   Enter JCF. I contacted Daris in May of 2014 and he set me up with a trial run. After the first session I was hooked.   I started walking to the train from my apartment and from the Path to my office. I walk a total of 3 miles daily. My coworkers have noticed that I’m a more energetic and happy no matter what crazy emergency is thrown my way. I take the kids out biking, I go on trail runs with my husband, and I have actually ran and completed a 5K this fall.   It’s only has been 7 months and I’m already down to a size 10. My eating habits have improved as well.   Having JCF be part of my daily routine has de improved my over health and fitness.   I look forward to continue working with the JCF crew and tackling the Tough Mudder that is coming Jersey City next...

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Damaris Estrella

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“I stumbled across the JCF boot camp website in 2011… It took me about a year to finally send an email to Daris asking about the program.  By that time I had reach my breaking point.  I was thoroughly unhappy with myself physically and that unhappiness had spilled over into other areas of my life.  I joined on December 6th, 2012 and have yet to question this decision.  The first month was really about getting my body adjusted to exercising again.  The second month, Daris & I started working on my nutrition.  Since then, we’ve worked out a system that has guided me towards the direction of long term sustainable changes.  The exercises are great, they are ever changing, you never know what you are going to be doing until you have started class.  This keeps things fresh and exciting.  We also have benchmark workouts to ensure that we are getting better with time and not staying stagnant.  There is a sense of accountability between the women at Bootcamp and Daris.  He is encouraging and truly works towards having us change the way we think about ourselves physically.  He coaches us to train our minds not to give up, but push harder & beyond what we THINK we are capable of.  Because of all this, I have lost a total of 40 pounds,  6%body fat and 5.3 BMI.  I also took part in a Spartan Sprint.  If you would have told me I would be doing that 8 months ago, I would have never believed it.  Furthermore, the women at Boot Camp are from all different walks of life and beyond that they are all very encouraging thanks to the environment that Daris promotes.”          ...

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Roopa Vonkarey

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“It was a year ago that I started at JCF Boot camp and wanted to share some feedback. It has been the best thing I have done for my body. I definitely feel much stronger and energized than I have ever felt in my life! At 38, I am in better shape than I was in my 20s! I really enjoy the workouts and the camaraderie with the girls. You keep things fresh and challenging and no class has ever been boring. I believe the boot camp had a lot to do with building up my confidence level to run the half marathons and now the full marathon next year. So, a big THANK YOU for that!!”

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Carme de Sagun

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“Simply, I am hooked! I joined JCF Boot Camp primarily because I needed a workout session that fit my schedule.  Prior to joining, I couldn’t stay consistent working out because most available classes are held in the evenings and my crazy schedule as a busy Realtor didn’t allow me to attend them most of the time.  JCF boot camp offers sunrise classes at 545 in the morning that doesn’t allow for any scheduling excuses to miss a class.  Sessions are held outdoors on clear days, and indoors during inclement weather.  Alas, I found the perfect solution to my workout scheduling problem! A pleasant surprise awaited me when I joined.  I never would have thought I would enjoy hour-long high-intensity training at the crack of dawn, so much to the extent that I am addicted! Daris Wilson is ever the most focused, dedicated and professional trainer.  As he says so himself…”I don’t miss much”, as he pays attention to every single move of every single camper in every single session.  Although it’s a group class, the attention he gives me makes me feel as if he is MY personal trainer from the minute I start, to the time the session ends.  He pushes and coaches me to do the VOLUME and TYPES OF EXERCISES I wouldn’t have ever thought I could do…before I know it, I would have done 1000 jump skips, 100 burpees, 100 sit-ups, 100 push ups and 10 laps all in one hour, all before the sun even rises! Working out with JCF boot camp is transforming my body in ways I never thought possible. I could see a difference physically within the first month.  My masseuse and chiropractor could tell the difference in how much tighter my muscles feel and look.  The high intensity training classes work everything, top to bottom – arms, legs, glutes, abs, obliques, etc.  It’s all about strengthening, building muscle, flexibility, continuous improvement..and “getting the mind right” which drives everything else I do. And there’s something about working out with like-minded group of women that’s really inspiring.  So I’ve made JCF boot camp part of my regular routine and will be staying on indefinitely. I LOVE JCF Boot...

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Polly Obnada

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“I regret doing so many things in my life,but one thing l will never ever regret is my decision to join JCF. Mine is a simple case of boy meets girl, girl falls in love with boy,boy proposes, and girl realizes she needs to get in shape before walking down the aisle. I looked up several gyms and fitness camps in my area and after going back and forth l decided to try out JCF BOOT CAMP. I joined this team in Feb of 2012 to get fit for my June 30th wedding and my plan was to stop attending camp in May so l don’t loose too much weight to fit my fabulous wedding dress. I cannot emphasize enough how much l have learnt from this camp. Daris is an awesome trainer and he pushes us in the most gentle way possible. He does not scream and shout like most boot camp trainers but he still holds you accountable for slacking off. With slogans like No Quit Zone, Get Your Mind Right(when you are too tired to do the final lap and are thinking about what you will have for breakfast) to the reminder that we are in this All Day Every Day, l find myself reciting this slogans at work when l’m almost giving up.On the days when l miss class he is keen enough to notice and he will text you or ask you in class where have you been. Every single day he has something new for us and the exercises never get boring and predictable. He is always on time, always happy and always ready to help when you are struggling with an exercise. Well, its now September and l CANNOT quit JCF!!! I have achieved so much in the months that l have been a part of this and l don’t plan on stopping any time soon. It has become my second home and l have met wonderful ladies who have taught me how to push yourself to get better. I couldn’t do a push up to save my life but l’m happy to brag that l can now blow out push ups , with one hand if l wanted to. I had 3 pound dumbbells when l started this program but l can now lift 12 pounds with no problem, which is a reminder l need to move to 15 pounds. The amount of energy l have every time l’m waking home from class is good enough to make me want to wake up the next day and do it again. Truth is, this is the best fitness program out there,with the BEST fitness trainer and the BEST group of women l have ever met. This is now my home, and l will always be proud of how fit and chiseled l look. JCF boot camp is a part of me, ALL DAY...

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