Francesca W.

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Kristin - Before

Francesca - Before

Kristin - After

Francesca - After

“Like most years I started 2010 with a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, on January 3rd I joined Weight Watchers and was fortunate to have lost a little over 40 lbs by mid-May. Knowing that diet alone wasn’t going to get me to my goals, and feeling much better about working out now that I’d gotten some of the weight off I joined JCF boot camp for the mid-May session. I debated between the 5 and 3 day a week programs and decided that I should jump in with both feet and did the 5 day a week program.

The first week was hard, I felt like my sore muscles had sore muscles but each day of working them out helped ease the soreness. I quickly went from dreading my alarm clock going off at 6am to looking forward to going to boot camp. I’ve since attended every session being there every morning at 6:45am to work out with Daris and my new friends from JCF.

Daris is a great trainer who takes an interest in making sure you are working to your ability and doing things with the right form to prevent injury. He’s not one to yell like a drill sergeant but will be stern when you need it and encouraging when you need that more. He changes up the workouts every day so that you don’t get bored and that your whole body is getting a workout. Some days may be more cardio focused while others are focused more on strength, conditioning or flexibility. I have gone from not being able to make a warm up run around the track at Lincoln Park without walking to running 6 of them in less than 12 minutes so you will definitely see results and if you’re already in good shape you will be pushed to be in better shape.

For me, even more importantly then Daris and the workout variety is the great group of women I workout with every morning. I am glad to call many of them my friends whether on Facebook or in real life! Losing weight and making fitness a way of life requires a lot of changes not just to diet and exercise routines but mentally as well. I’m glad that I have found a group of women who understand that and are there to offer support during the week or just a friendly smile when you need it in the morning. If one of us is missing there is somebody there with a text message or a Facebook post to inquire into your whereabouts. And if you’re struggling with the workout, there’s somebody there to cheer you on.

As I would expect from working out, I have lost an additional 32 pounds since May and have lost 5 inches from my hips and 4 inches from my waist. However what I didn’t expect was to make such great friends or to develop much more self confidence than I’ve ever had in my life. Something about knowing you’ve pushed your body that hard and succeeded makes it much easier to believe in yourself though out the day. If you’re reading this to decide whether to join or not, I hope you make the decision to join and if you come at 6:45am, be sure to say ‘hi’.”

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