Focus on the Inside 1st

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There tend to be a lot of vanity and preying on the misinformed in the fitness industry.  From the late-night infomercials to the diet pills promising fast and easy weight loss, it can be a challenge to get “dieters” and beginners to realize what it takes to lose weight and to sustained that weight lost.

As fitness professionals here at JCF, we are constantly confronted with non-realistic goals based on the notion “I want the best results for the least amount of work.”  We recognize there’s a ton of misinformation out there and we want to remedy that with our “focus point” – focus on the inside first.

As fit pros, it is always our obligation to be honest and realistic with each and every one of our members.  Our top focus point is to “focus on the inside 1st.”  This means we should concentrate on how exercise makes us feel i.e. increased energy levels, being more productive, feeling accomplished, etc before focusing on a weight loss and/or body-image goal.  This small shift in thinking will produce HUGE results.  It will:

  1. Help you adhere to exercise much longer rather than aborting because you didn’t lose 20-30lbs in the first month.
  2. Get you better results, as we know the best results come with consistency and longevity.
  3. Along with being consistent over time, you become part of the elite that knows how to take control of their life through exercise and nutrition.  At this point, you’re making fitness a way of life.

There are endless benefits of exercise you can focus on 1st prior to giving up on your exercise/weight loss journey.  When you begin to concentrate on “how exercise makes me feel,” the vanity aspect tends to fade into the background and now you can focus on your effort and performance i.e. improving daily.  As you stick with your exercise/nutrition program and you become stronger, faster, healthier, and more fit, you will start to notice significant changes in your body that will sure to please you.  But remember, if you focused on the outside first, you may not stick around long enough to attain your new body.

So rather than cutting out an entire food group (crash dieting) and exercising endless hours to lose weight quickly, usually for an event, or look like the magazine ad model, eat healthful foods and exercise regularly because it makes you feel amazing.  It will become a part of who you are; ultimately you will get better results and change your life.

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