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This fall, let’s have some breakthroughs!  Challenge yourself to go beyond your norm.  Let’s prove to yourself how strong you truly are and how dedicated you truly are to your fitness and health!  
Earn your JCF Crazy 8 stripes and be rewarded. See below
Crazy 8 will begin on Monday, October 1st, and will run until Wednesday October 10th.
All sessions are COED and will take place at 5:45am, 6:45am, and at 8:00pm*.  The cost is $125.  

The Crazy 8 Schedule is as follows:

Week 1

10/1: Monday @ Exchange Place
10/2: Tuesday @ Lincoln Park
10/3: Wednesday @ Exchange Place (Restorative Day)
10/4: Thursday @ Lincoln Park
10/5: Friday @ Exchange Place

10/6: JCF Family Fun Day

Week 2

10/8: Monday @ Exchange Place
10/9: Tuesday @ Lincoln Park
10/10: Wednesday @ Exchange Place**


What is Crazy 8?
Crazy 8 is special 2-week intensive program that is designed to take you to the next level.

How is Crazy 8 different from regular boot camp?
Crazy 8 guarantees to demand more from you than regular boot camp.  It will be more challenge and have a slightly different format.  Many exercises are done for reps versus time. Crazy 8 will also require travel to both locations.

What if I don’t drive?
That’s not a problem.  We have carpooling available.  We will set you up with someone who drives that lives in your area.

What if I’m new to boot camp?
Yes, you will be challenged but you will be able to modify any exercise/activity to work within your limit.

Earn your “I Survived JCF Crazy 8” tee…
Notice we said, “earn” your tee.  Complete all 8 sessions, be on time, and give 100% to earn your JCF Crazy 8 stripes in form of a t-shirt!

* There must be a minimum of 10 dedicated participants for each time slot
**There will be no 8pm class on Wednesday 10/10/12. You must attend one of the AM sessions.  


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