Goals, Why You Should Measure Results Based on Clothing, Not the Scale

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Jan_Tip_ScaleThere’s a more desirable body composition awaiting you if you decide to ditch your scale and focus on the way you feel and how your clothes are fitting when tracking your progress.  Yep, you heard it. Ditch the scale and opt for a new way of doing things. Put the scale away in a very inconvenient place. Go ahead. I’ll be waiting here when you get back.
Great! Now that that’s out the way…
Who Should Ditch the Scale
Do you weigh yourself daily? Is your mood affected by the number you see staring back at you? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, be sure to put your scale in the most inconvenient place ever.  Although its great to “keep an eye on potential weight gain,” it’s not ok to have this mere number determine your mood and how you feel about yourself for the day.  
If you’re someone that’s “keeping an eye on potential weight gain” I pose the question – what are you doing that you expect (or anticipate) potential weight gain?  
It’s safe to say that if you’ve adopted a healthy lifestyle and that the majority of your actions are in line with this, your lifestyle should prevent “potential weight gain.”  As many of our JCF community members mentioned in a social media post, 2-3lbs. fluctuation is no reason to hit the panic button. But be proactive and prevent regaining weight lost by remaining urgent. Apply exercise and a nutrition plan that’s for the long-term versus a diet that’s a quick fix…it’s a reason there’s been thousands of diets!
Why Should You Ditch the Scale
Simply put the scale tells a part of the story but not the entire story. For example, you can have a weight loss of several pounds, but that deduction may not be from fat; it could be from body fluids, body fat, or even lean muscle mass. For more information, check out Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss in 80 Seconds. That’s the reason you can lose weight but still not have a desirable body composition. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can actually gain weight and look better (more toned, fit). This picture of Jason Ferruggia’s client is worth a thousand words:
She gained nine pounds but looks leaner, more toned, more fit, and more athletic! Why is this? She built lean muscle mass (gained approximately 5-9lbs of muscle) and decreased her body fat percentage- fat loss.
(A WORD ON MUSCLE VS. FAT: muscle does not weigh more than fat…5lbs. is 5lbs no matter if it’s steel, cotton balls, feathers, or iron. However, fat is less dense meaning it takes up more space in your body than muscle. An analogy: 5lbs of cotton balls may fill an entire room while 5lbs of steel fits in the palm of your hand.)
Train for a LOOK and not a NUMBER on the scale
If you’re wondering how should you track your progress accurately, read on my friend.  There are other indicators that can give you the “whole” story of your body composition. The most important, in my opinion, are the first three.
Below are the indicators as your new “scale”:
  • How do you feel
  • How your clothes fit
  • How you look in the mirror
  • Are you more confident
  • Are you leading a healthy lifestyle (proper nutrition consistently, exercises 4 days/week, managing stress, getting appropriate sleep)
  • How many alcoholic beverages have you consumed in the last 7 days
  • Do you feel strong
  • Do you feel in shape
  • Do you have more energy
  • Are you happier

Now that you know how to measure your success get out there and achieve your fitness goals! Feel free to contact me if you need help.


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