Don’t “Fall” Out of Fitness This Autumn!

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images-1With the holidays looming and colder weather on the horizon, it’s tempting to let exercise and proper nutrition fall by the wayside. But with hoards of holiday treats and pumpkin pie aplenty (not to mention all those pumpkin flavored lattes and goodies), it’s more important than ever to stick to fitness goals. So before you let your entire meal plan go out the window with a downward spiral that begins with the Halloween candy binge, try these tips from JCF Founder and Head Trainer Daris Wilson:

  • Say yes to yourself: Set goals and don’t be stingy with your rewards. Instead of relegating your treats to just apples, set a goal and indulge yourself a bit for meeting that goal. A nibble of dark chocolate to set the sweet tooth at bay is much better than denying yourself until you pig out on the entire bag of “fun size” treats.
  • Sign up for a race and/or event: Having something to work toward will keep you focused on fitness and give you motivation for the mornings that you’d rather snuggle under the covers than come out to bootcamp. Do an online search to find one that interests you – for either fun or fundraising! Now is the perfect time to start training for a spring event.
  • Enlist your friends to join you: Fitness is more fun with a friend! Having someone to work out with can also hold you accountable on the days when you’re tempted to slack off. Share your nutritional goals with your friends so that when you go out together you can help each other stick to them. And remember, friends are always welcome to come to a JCF Boot Camp session for a trial session!
  • Find the right trainer: You should be working with a trainer that’s gotten the results you’re looking to achieve. Thinking ahead to New Year’s Resolutions? Take a look at our featured campers who have rocked the skinny jean challenge to get some inspiration! 
  • Adherence is key: Sticking to the plan now will help you attain that beach body you’re gonna want in a few months. But in order to stay with it, you have to be doing something you enjoy. Assess your fitness plan and make sure you are including fun in there!

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