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“Simply, I am hooked!

I joined JCF Boot Camp primarily because I needed a workout session that fit my schedule.  Prior to joining, I couldn’t stay consistent working out because most available classes are held in the evenings and my crazy schedule as a busy Realtor didn’t allow me to attend them most of the time.  JCF boot camp offers sunrise classes at 545 in the morning that doesn’t allow for any scheduling excuses to miss a class.  Sessions are held outdoors on clear days, and indoors during inclement weather.  Alas, I found the perfect solution to my workout scheduling problem!

A pleasant surprise awaited me when I joined.  I never would have thought I would enjoy hour-long high-intensity training at the crack of dawn, so much to the extent that I am addicted!

Daris Wilson is ever the most focused, dedicated and professional trainer.  As he says so himself…”I don’t miss much”, as he pays attention to every single move of every single camper in every single session.  Although it’s a group class, the attention he gives me makes me feel as if he is MY personal trainer from the minute I start, to the time the session ends.  He pushes and coaches me to do the VOLUME and TYPES OF EXERCISES I wouldn’t have ever thought I could do…before I know it, I would have done 1000 jump skips, 100 burpees, 100 sit-ups, 100 push ups and 10 laps all in one hour, all before the sun even rises!

Working out with JCF boot camp is transforming my body in ways I never thought possible. I could see a difference physically within the first month.  My masseuse and chiropractor could tell the difference in how much tighter my muscles feel and look.  The high intensity training classes work everything, top to bottom – arms, legs, glutes, abs, obliques, etc.  It’s all about strengthening, building muscle, flexibility, continuous improvement..and “getting the mind right” which drives everything else I do.

And there’s something about working out with like-minded group of women that’s really inspiring.  So I’ve made JCF boot camp part of my regular routine and will be staying on indefinitely.

I LOVE JCF Boot Camp!”

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