Camper Spotlight – Triciann Down 4 Dress Sizes

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Congrats to Triciann for being our November Camper Spotlight! Job well done!

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A BIG WHOO-RAAHHH to Triciann for being our November Camper Spotlight! There’s a stark difference between interest and commitment. She’s been truly committed to making a difference in her life this year.

Kudos Triciann for doing what it takes to better your situation!

Here’s her story in her own words:


2014 was the roughest year of my life. I had been working in the hospitality industry for about 20 years at the time.  At that point I was the General Manager  & Director of Events of a NYC restaurant working 50+ hour weeks. Mixing days into nights and nights into days.  It was a tough schedule and a lot of long nights.  I had become fed up and therefore I gave up.

It didn’t happen that fast. Over a year I gained almost 30lbs.  Finding outfits went from being one of my favorite things to absolute gross moments. Let’s put it this way…BLACK LEGGINGS WERE MY UNIFORM. Jeans went from being my best friend to worst enemy. The depression set in and I let it.

2015 came around and I knew I had to make a change.  The first thing was to leave my current job. Holiday season is a tough time in my industry to find work especially when I decided that running a restaurant was off my radar and focusing on events was full speed ahead. The second thing was to quit smoking. After 17 years of smoking on January 15th I had my last cigarette. I had joined a gym and started doing cardio 2-3 times a week.

March came around and I took THE JOB. My vampire lifestyle was stripped and I was working Monday-Friday 10am-6pm. So now I had the job and was DONE with smoking but my body and mind were still blah. Cardio was not working like it used to. At 36 my body could not bounce back – I think we can ALL relate to that. My eating habits were in check – nothing like they are now – but still good.

One night I was cruising Facebook and I noticed 2 of my friends had liked JCF. It took me a week or so to drag myself to an audit session.  After 45 minutes of hard work I was hooked.  I meet with Daris a week later and joined Platinum. The meeting with Daris was very challenging and rewarding. He asked hard questions that really made me face my reality. When I walked down Newark Avenue I knew I had made the best decision in years.

So I started attending the 7am sessions. If you had asked me 6 months before if I would workout at 7am I would have laughed in your face.  The transition to a daytime job was hard enough but then throwing a 6:20 wake up call into the mix wasn’t easy. WHAT KEPT ME GOING? At first it was the coaching and workout style. Second was the camaraderie and third the results.  My mind began to clear the depression and it was replaced with determination. My body began to feel the transition. Meeting new people and sharing similar goals is such an added value – all you ladies ROCK!
It’s been 6+ months.  I have not stepped on a scale since August – not exactly sure on the lbs lost (it just caused too much stress for me) but what I can say is I lost 4 dress sizes. I’m rocking my jeans and I have not felt this healthy and strong since my cheerleading days in high school. JCF has changed my life.  I still have goals and I know that staying part of JCF family will help me achieve them.  Thank you Daris and JCF team…you are truly an inspiration!!! #ALLDAYEVERYDAY


Thanks for sharing your story! Let’s make 2016 that much greater!

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