Camper Spotlight – Takeya M. Found Her Fitness Home At JCF

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Congrats to Takeya for being our September’s camper spotlight! Job well done!


A BIG WHOO-RAAHHH to Takeya for being our September Camper Spotlight and for being a champion for her own life.  What a transformation!  She makes it look easy but it took a lot of determination to change her lifestyle.  Her reasons are heart-wrenching but her success is an inspiration.

Here’s Takeya’s story in her own words…


“I had been searching high and low for the perfect gym and was ready to throw in the towel but I gave it one last shot. So, I checked out Yelp and there I read some awesome reviews for JCF! I wasn’t sold right away though so I had decided to give a call and schedule a session. It was after that first workout when I knew that JCF was perfect for me!

See, I had become very inactive and undetermined and as a result I put on over thirty pounds in just eight months, I huffed and puffed after climbing a single flight of stairs and I ate bad all of the time. It had started to catch up to me. I found myself wearing  “stretchy pants” because that’s all I ever felt comfortable in and could fit. When I would shop I would sit in the dressing room and cry because the clothes were always too tight and it was at that moment I began to enter a horrible depression and to combat that I started emotionally eating. Backwards, I know!

Once in awhile I would jog down memory lane and remember my years in high school of running track, playing softball and intercollegiate volleyball. I couldn’t believe I had let myself go –my mind, my body and my spirit were all unbalanced.

February of this year is when I said, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and promised myself that I would be more serious about making this lifestyle change. After all, my mother had just been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and my father just reached four years with his heart transplant. I started thinking about how I too could be a victim of heart disease if I didn’t change my nutritional and exercise habits.

So, having been an athlete in high school and college I was accustomed to having a coach and being apart of a team –this is why JCF works for me! New to the boot camp I didn’t at all feel unwelcomed, each and every camper smiled, high-fived and encouraged me and that feeling of camaraderie is what I appreciate the most. Boot camp was challenging. Heck, it still is! But I have gained so much strength, lost 23 lbs to date, increased my metabolism, lost inches, gained confidence and most of all, I FEEL GREAT! I couldn’t ask for a better team! JCF rocks!”

Takeya, thanks for sharing your story. And here’s to keeping up with life’s (and boot camp’s) challenges!

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