Camper Spotlight – Nisha P. Changed the Game One At A Time

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Congrats to our June’s camper spotlight of the month Nisha P! You’re Amazing!



Our Camper Spotlight for June is Nisha P. for been the quintessential model for #ImproveDaily. Up to this point, she’s done three Challenges and our Game Changer program. Each time she’s gotten better and improved her body composition.

She’s always learned something from each one and has implemented in her daily healthy lifestyle.

It’s been awesome seeing her improvements and having her be part of JCF! Congrats on being June’s Camper Spotlight!

Here’s Nisha’s story in her own words:


“I joined JCF in October 2013. I had moved to Jersey City in April that same year. After a few months of settling into my new home and enjoying the summer, I had noticed I had gained quite a few pounds and was at my heaviest. 

Unlike most of my family members, with their superfast metabolisms, I had always been prone to gaining weight and realized it could easily get out of control if I wasn’t careful. So before my weight became too much of a struggle, I decided it was about time I got off my couch and got active again. Whilst researching gyms in the area, as well as cross fit and other options, I came across the JCF website and decided to give their free session a try. 
Now working out wasn’t something new for me. In order to keep my weight in check, I had been working out on and off ever since college with a mixture of attending the gym, local community classes (like zumba or yoga), using at home DVD’s and also running. However, that one free JCF session tested my strength and endurance in a way none of the activities before had. Despite the hard work, and obvious soreness the next day, the session was fun because of all the like minded ladies crazy enough to be at Exchange Place Pier at 5:45 AM to workout.
Following the free session, I had my consultation with Daris, which really sealed the deal for me. The personalized questions he asked about me and my goals made me feel like I could get real results and that I had someone to lean on to get me to where I wanted to be. So I took the plunge and signed up for a year and haven’t looked back since.
Even after joining JCF, my biggest struggle had always been nutrition. So I joined the 2014 skinny jeans challenge, and went down from a size 8 to size 6/4. Despite my participation in the challenge, I found I still had my challenges with nutrition and gained a little bit of that weight I lost back. 
But then came September of 2014, when I embarked on an intensive 8 week Game Changer journey, with 7 other awesome campers and Daris to guide the way. The program required us to commit to working out 6-7 times a week, including 2 track workouts, and provided us with a day by day nutrition plan. The nutrition plan came with tailored recipes and provided clear guidance for food alternatives, as well as a weekly plan to maintain results. The best part of the nutrition plan was the ability to have “cheat days” without jeopardizing results, so I could still enjoy my favorite foods and treats (in moderation of course :D).
The Game Change program helped me go from a size 6 to a size 2 (sometimes I even fit into a size 0). To this day I continue to plan most of my weeks with a number of the recipes and nutritional concepts I learned during the Game Change program. Nutrition will probably always be a struggle for me, due to my  intense sweet tooth, but I feel I am now equipped with the tools and knowledge to NOT let that struggle get the better of me. 
With my continued attendance at boot camp and focus on my nutrition I see additional results every day, not just in my physical appearance, but in my attitude, motivation and overall outlook on life. 
Daris and the JCF team provided me with a way to enjoy being healthy and active, through accountability, motivation and, best of all, the camaraderie of my fellow campers (especially my fellow Game Changer’s). Thanks to you all, for the first time in years, I am looking forward to the summer and wearing my bikini on the beach!”
Thanks for sharing Nisha and we wish you a speedy recovery!


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