Camper Spotlight – Nicole’s Life Changed One Morning On A Run

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 Congrats to Nicole for being our latest Camper Spotlight!
Our Camper Spotlight this month is Nicole for working really damn hard and being committed.  Whether a hectic travel schedule or being preggers (congrats!!), nothing has kept her away from getting her JCF fix. Congrats on a job well done! 

Here is Nicole’s story in her own words…

 “This past September was my 1 year anniversary with JCF and I’ve loved (almost) every minute of it.  Daris and his program  have produced results that I didn’t even know I needed!

It sounds really dramatic to say that my life changed one morning on a run when I passed by his session on the pier, but in essence, my life did change, and I think JCF was the catalyst. My best friend, who happens to be my sister, had just moved to the West Coast and I was dwelling on her absence and needed something to shake me out of my self pity. Bootcamp was that something. I joined not really knowing what to expect, thinking that 5:45 was ridiculously early but excited to have a way to workout outside. The only thing I told Daris when I started is that I like to work hard and push myself. Hopefully, now almost a year into our relationship, he’d agree.

Before joining JCF, I’d go for runs outside for my physical activity. When I had gym memberships back in the day, I’d go to classes but that was about the extent of my gym experience.  I needed some accountability, a bit of competition and fresh air.  Daris provides all of that, plus some. I know now to expect a text if I’ve missed a few days, and I actually love that. I need to be missed, to be pushed. He impressed me the very first day when he knew my name, along with every other girls’ in the session.

Now every time I can’t open a pickle jar or struggle to open a heavy door, my husband teases “back to bootcamp!””

Nicole, thank you for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to your better body and body life. Thanks for sharing your story!

We hope Nicole’s story of taking action inspires you to take action! Why wait ’til the New Year?!!!

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