Camper Spotlight – Nicole H. 6 Months In, 5 Sizes Down, and 30lbs. Lighter

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Congrats to Jill for being our August’s camper spotlight! 

Nicole has truly embodied the #alldayeveryday spirit here at JCF. She’s been totally committed to herself and her goals. It has shown in her consistency and her efficiency in reaching 100+ sessions.

Job well done Nicole and congrats on being July’s Camper Spotlight!

Here’s Nicole’s story in her own words:

“I started JCF at the end of December 2014.  I had recently moved to Jersey City and I was looking for a way to be more active here.  Before joining JCF, I had belonged to a gym, had a personal trainer, and participated on various community sports teams.  In spite of being so active, I had gained a significant amount of weight in my mid-thirties that I couldn’t lose, and I had resigned myself to being “fit and fat.”  When I filled out the intake form for JCF, I said that I didn’t have any weight loss goals and that I just wanted to work out and be active.  I remember that Daris looked at me funny in our intake session when I explained this to him.  He stressed the nutritional coaching component of JCF and convinced me to (reluctantly) write down a goal size that I would like to be, insisting that I would see results if I followed the eating guidelines and came to Boot Camp sessions regularly.    


6 months later, 5 sizes smaller, and 30 pounds lighter, I am amazed at the impact joining JCF has had on my life!  At 38, I’m in the best shape that I’ve been in since I was 18!  When I started Boot Camp, I attended 3 sessions per week.  After a few weeks, I started attending 4, and soon after I began attending 5.  With each week, I felt stronger and my energy and endurance levels increased exponentially.  Since January, I participated in the JCF Transformation Challenge, ran two 5K races, and completed the City Challenge obstacle course.  Just as important as my weight loss and fitness accomplishments, I have formed friendships with some amazing people.  My goals are to continue to participate in races and competitions, and I would love to get a JCF volleyball or basketball team together.


For anyone interested in joining Boot Camp, I would tell them to not wait another day and I guarantee it will be one of the best decisions they ever make!  JCF sessions are fun and challenging for all fitness levels.  Not only do campers receive quality training and nutritional coaching from Daris and other JCF coaches, but JCF also creates a camaraderie among the campers that you will not find anywhere else!  I will never forget how enthusiastically Daris and the other campers welcomed me at my first session.  As the session continued, it was clear that there was a genuine bond between everyone. It wasn’t another gym class where people just float in and out and may or may not know each other or say hello.  At JCF, you know everybody’s name and everyone works together everysession to support and motivate one another.   This positive atmosphere, along with the expert training and varied and quality workouts enabled me to work to my fullest potential and achieve goals that I didn’t even know I had 6 months ago!  If you are a potential boot camper reading my story–JOIN NOW!  DON’T WAIT ANOTHER DAY!  If you are a fellow boot camper reading this— THANK YOU for your encouragement ALL DAY EVERY DAY!”

Thanks for sharing your story Nicole and we’ll be sure to take you up on the intramural endeavor!

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