Camper Spotlight – Monica 3+ Years In and Still Loving It!

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We have such amazing people that’s part of JCF fitness family.  Their dedication and commitment to a life-long journey of health andIMG_2120 fitness is not only inspiring, but sparks other people into action and helps to keep people motivated along their journey.

Our latest Camper Spotlight has been boot camping JCF-style for 3+ years…a BIG JCF WHOO-RAH for that.  Monica embodies the saying, “hard work. dedication.”  We’re super excited to have Monica be a part of our fitness family and are grateful for the many years of support!

We wanted to share a few things from her in her own words, so that you, too, can be inspired!

“My first session with JCF Boot Camp was back in June 2010.  A friend had found the program online and suggested that we join together because there was a special 2 week session coming up called Crazy 8.  We figured it was only 2 weeks, so it was the perfect opportunity to try it out.
At the time, I had a gym membership and would occasionally take a group fitness class in the evenings after work or mindlessly pedal away on an elliptical because I didn’t know what else to do.  I enjoyed the classes, however, it was very easy to make excuses not to go after a long day at work and happy hour or dinner with friends was always more appealing than working out.
My first JCF Crazy 8 class was hard…really hard, and I started questioning what I had gotten myself into.  Apparently the Crazy 8 session was a more intense version of boot camp, so I figured if I could get through the 2 weeks then I could handle a regular session as well, and from that point I was hooked.  As with the group fitness classes at the gym, I loved the fact that the workout was planned for me so all I had to do was show up, and at 5:45am that is usually the hardest part.  I had always thought I wasn’t a morning person, but within the first couple of weeks it became routine, or as Daris says “a way of life”.  I loved the accountability that came with JCF Boot Camp.  Daris pushes us and knows each person’s limits.  He encourages me when I’m not trying as hard as I could and makes sure exercises are performed correctly with proper form, which I rarely got from a group fitness class at the gym.  Every day is something different and the variety is what keeps me coming back.  There are days that I think I’m too tired to go and that extra hour of sleep would be great, but I know that I’ll regret skipping class and wonder what I missed.  Even after 3 years with JCF Boot Camp Daris continuously challenges me to get better every day, whether it’s improving my time in a benchmark workout or using heavier weights.
As important as the physical changes are, the mental aspect of JCF Boot Camp is what I value the most.  It is the best start to my day and I love the fact that I get my workout in before I do anything else.  It is an hour set aside that I’m doing something for myself before the pressures and stress of work and everyday life kick in.  The camaraderie amongst the ladies is so encouraging and I have made so many great friends through class.  As cheesy as it sounds, I can’t imagine my life without JCF Boot Camp.”

Thanks Monica for sharing your story!  We appreciate having you as part of our fitness family!  Hopefully, your story will motivate someone stick to their fitness regimen the way you have and still do!

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