Camper Spotlight – Marion Keeping the Momentum Going

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Congratulations to Marion for being our April camper spotlight!  Accountability is a powerful motivator and Marion has an idea to keep us going all day every day even when we’re away from home.

Here’s Marion’s story in her own words:

I had just started a new job, had a 7 month old and was eager to get back into shape but struggling to find the motivation. A close friend of mine had recently completely transformed herself through JCF and suggested I join. I did my first transformation challenge in the spring of 2014 and was very pleased with the results, but I thought there was no need for me to continue with JCF as I had always exercised and had always been able to self-motivate. The truth is I missed the camaraderie, accountability and challenge that JCF brought me. After completing a second challenge, I decided that this time I would become a member.

Being active on a daily basis has always been a part of my life. In middle school and high school I was part of basketball, soccer, volleyball, track, and tennis teams. When I was 16 I decided to join the professional tennis circuit. I played out of a tennis academy in Barcelona, where I played tennis and trained 6.5 hours a day. I also played 5th singles and 3rd doubles in a Division I college, so I have had a lot of coaches in my life; some good ones, some not so good ones, and some really good ones. Daris, without a doubt, is part of the really good ones. The whole JCF team is so supportive and finds a way to motivate and challenge women in a way that I have never seen before. They have created something that I enjoy being a part of and fulfills my competitive nature. I have made friends, and am in awe of some of the success stories I have seen.

One of the main reasons I believe JCF is so successful is because of the accountability it brings. Registering for class, checking in, road to 100, 21 in 31, campers saying simple things like ‘see you tomorrow’, etc. are all examples of how we make each other accountable. Well, as I enter my travel season (business and personal), I would like to take this opportunity to introduce something that would make us accountable even when our lives bring us to the four corners of the world. The idea is #whereJCFNationat??  We would use this hashtag whenever we are away and post a picture working out in a foreign location, wearing JCF gear of course. Who’s with me?

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