Camper Spotlight – Lanette Better Informed, Stronger, and In Best Physical Shape Ever

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Congratulations to LaNette, our December 2015 Camper Spotlight.  She made the decision to give up her “no-time” excuse and hasn’t looked back since.  Way to go!!




Here’s LaNette’s story in her own words…


My struggle of a healthy and normal body weight began as a child when obesity set in and became a lifelong struggle. Weighing 280lbs at my heaviest, I tried everything that promised an easy way to weight loss, including surgical intervention. Although never again becoming that obese, the numbers on the scale fluctuated up and down as did my self-esteem.

About eight years ago I decided to live healthy. I gave up cigarettes, joined the gym, and ate what I considered healthier (later learned I knew very little about healthy eating). Only giving partial effort, I saw only partial results and was never satisfied with my body.

A year ago, after a relationship fizzled out and tired of being unhappy and insecure with my body, I came out of my ineffective comfort zone and a few weeks shy of age 44, I decided to do a trial program at JCF. Nervous, self-conscious, nauseous, and physically unable to keep up at that 1st session, I LOVED IT!!! The camaraderie, accountability, and non-judging atmosphere drew me in.

Finishing up with my psychology degree, working 50-60hrs/wk, maintaining a home, dealing with the drama of a teenage daughter, and an occasional dabble into a social life, I was in utter shock that Daris did not accept my “no time” excuse to remain unhealthy as everyone else always had. Instead, I got, “if it’s important you’ll make time.” That did it for me!! That turned on something inside of me and I became ready and joined.

Now 45 and starting my 2nd year at JCF, I’m not where I want to be (healthy eating remains a struggle), and I regularly deal with frustration and guilt, but I am stronger, better informed, and in the best physical shape ever and still consider joining JCF bootcamp one of the best decisions I’ve made to improve myself. And all the compliments I get are definitely a plus. Let me not forget to mention running my 1st 5k, and completing 2 obstacle course events, not for the average. That cliché saying “the older I get, the better I get,” is a reality for me and I get to add better looking.

Thank you Daris, coaches, and JCF campers.

LaNette M.

LaNette, thanks for sharing your story.  Keep improving yourself!

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