Camper Spotlight – Kymberlee Finds Her Path and Doesn’t Look Back

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Kymberlee is one of JCF’s Veteran Campers.  Her dedication and willingness to re-commit and challenge herself anew is an inspiration to us all.  Read on for a glimpse into Kymberlee’s journey!

my first obstacle race

a turning point for me

I started JCF in April of 2010. I remember vividly because the day that I called Daris was a day when I had left my house at 5 a.m. for a 6 a.m. call time with a client.  I then went straight from one television studio to another – for a separate client, and THEN went back to the office for meetings. When I was on the train that morning, I remember thinking that if I could get up and leave the house at this ungodly hour (sorry early morning JCFers!) to tend to the business of someone else, I should be able to exercise that same commitment for myself. By the time I arrived to my office, I had resolved to recommit myself to working out. My plan was to find a program that I could do for a month, in order to jumpstart my regimen, and then resume working out on my own. I found JCF online, called Daris that same afternoon, and I started the following week.

I also vividly remember my first workout with JCF, I really didn’t think I would be able to finish. It was the hardest workout I had ever done in my life, plus I was out of shape and overweight. I finished the workout, was motivated by all of the encouragement that I received from anyone there, and just resolved to do the work. So, I kept coming back.

I lost 37 pounds during my first year of JCF and became fitter than I probably had ever been – even though I formerly ran track and was very active. I also gained a greater sense of overall energy and focus to accomplish all that I need to on any given day.

I took one break from JCF because my work schedule was insane and it was easier for me to workout in the city. I tried a lot of new, studio workouts (even a stiletto boot camp, which Daris won’t incorporate! :). During this time, my foundational workouts were rowing and Pilates. I really missed JCF during that time. The diversity of the workouts, the group dynamic and the total body focus that we get at JCF are elements that just aren’t present other places. I have also had one other time of “falling off” just due to life changes and losing control of my schedule, but I found my way back.

My biggest struggle is stress management, coupled with stress eating.  JCF has taught me, though, that working out is essential to healthy stress management, and the program’s evolving focus on nutrition has helped me turn a huge corner regarding consistent, healthy eating.

I heard about boot camps before, and I was intrigued by the concept. So, when I had that light bulb moment about reincorporating workouts into my schedule, I thought a boot camp would be a good start. I thought it would be the perfect 30-day fitness immersion, after which I would go back to what I had done before falling off of the wagon : running and doing classes at the gym. I joined JCF so that it could help me regain the discipline that I once had, but I stayed because I loved the program. Not only did I lose weight, gain muscle and improve my body composition overall, but I became a mentally stronger person, a more focused and disciplined person and a more balanced person.

My stress level at the time of joining JCF was dangerously high, and it was taking its toll on me because I had no outlet for dealing with it. JCF was and is the perfect workout for me because, while it is challenging, it is also invigorating and fun. I push myself to new limits during workouts, and I have a good time while doing so. JCF also requires total focus, so during a session my mind is off of any stress triggers and – afterwards – I have the stamina to productively deal with almost anything. I joke to my friends (who find NOTHING humorous about anything I tell them we do at JCF) that JCF is like P.E. or recess for adults. That saying takes nothing away from the effectiveness or the constant challenge of our workouts, but the group atmosphere, the coaching and the creativity of the workouts often remind me of recess and they make it easy to stick with the program. JCF has been transformative for me in more ways than just fitness.

My future goals are to remain consistent with my workouts and to incorporate more strength and flexibility training into my program.

I would tell anyone interested in boot camp to do it and don’t look back!

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