Camper Spotlight – Kristen Taking Ownership & Getting Results

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We’ve been thankful to have this month’s Camper Spotlight, Kristen, be a part of the JCF Nation.  Kristen has totally embodied the JCF Spirit from Day 1 in June 2015.  Fast forward one and a half years later, it’s been awesome to see her improvement in strength, body composition, and overall fitness, including her mental fitness.  Way to work, Kristen!  Read her story in her own words below.

unnamedBefore JCF, I didn’t exercise on a regular basis. I had moved to Jersey City a few months prior and hadn’t worked out in probably 6 months. I had a conversation about exercise with my doctor, and she said something that really stuck with me. She said that if I didn’t start making exercise a priority now, that I was less likely to start when I’m older. After thinking about my long-term health, I was determined to find something I could build into my everyday routine. Little did I know what I was getting into!

JCF isn’t just about working out, it’s about taking ownership of both your mental and physical fitness. It educated me in how to eat right without feeling deprived. That was something I thought I was doing until I joined the program and really learned about what and how to eat for the results I wanted. JCF has taught me how to exercise to maximize my gains and see results I didn’t even think were possible. I really enjoy that the coaches keep things fresh, consistently switching up the workouts and keeping us learning by consistently introducing new exercises. I love that they’ve instituted the monthly Fit Tests so that I can track my progress, stay educated on my body composition and celebrate my gains! Since joining, I’ve dropped over a point in my BMI, gained 4.2% muscle and lost 8.1% body fat. I find that I no longer groan when I think about working out, my body craves it (I’m finally one of those people!). Friends, family and even strangers ask me about my fitness regime and I no longer fear the bikini!

All of this progress is something I’m truly grateful for, but what I treasure the most is that JCF shows me every day that I have way more power within than I think I do. I can do that extra rep, I can lift a higher weight, I can take on a new challenge and succeed. It’s taught me not to overthink it and to just go for it! Starting every day overcoming fear and hesitation has become something so ingrained me that it has influenced all other aspects of my life. I changed careers and took on a higher level of responsibility, I am trying out more active hobbies like City Challenge, backpacking, and leading hikes and meetups in my spare time. Even when I feel that hesitation, I’ve learned how to handle it and I don’t let it stop me. “All day, every day” really rings true and has become a mantra for me. Thank you JCF team, coaches and campers, for helping me change my life for the better. I look forward to continuing the journey with you!

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