Camper Spotlight – Kim G. lost 14lbs and Transformed Her Mind

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Congratulations to Kim – our latest Camper Spotlight!
Kim came into our JCF Fitness Family one person and now has transformed her attitude toward fitness. Since day one, she has worked really hard and embraced the JCF mantra, “give great effort!”  

We absolutely LOVE having Kim as a part of our JCF Fitness Family. S

he has been through an incredible journey from hating exercise, team activities, etc. to looking forward to being at each session.

You really can’t help but be inspired by Kim’s story! Read on…

“I came to JCF the way I imagine a lot of people do—looking for a gym in Jersey City. I turned 40, and spent that year living like I was a lot younger—eating whatever I wanted, not exercising, and just generally not taking care of myself. My work clothes were starting to be unbearably tight, and I didn’t want to just buy more clothes in a bigger size. It was time to re-join a gym, but when I looked on Yelp, all the gyms in Jersey City got mixed, if not negative reviews. In the past, I was a member of Club H, but I quickly became dissatisfied. I am not naturally motivated to exercise, so I would go and half-heartedly run on the treadmill. I never even learned how to use the machines, because it was just too intimidating, and there were no morning classes when I was a member. Eventually, I hurt my knees, and once my year was up, I stopped my payments and quit. That was the last time I exercised regularly until I found Daris and JCF.
I joined the “Rock My Skinny Jeans Challenge” on April 1, 2013. I liked that it was a discrete time period. You paid one price, got what I thought was a lot for the money, and then you would be done if you chose not to continue. Sold! I thought it was a great way to test whether boot camp was really for me or not. When I started, I weighed 152, and could barely get through a session. I have always really hated exercise. I never played sports, I’m uncoordinated, I hate team activities, and I’m deathly afraid of hurting myself. I told Daris right away that I hated it. I hated it every morning that I went. There were many times I cried during class when I thought that the torture would never ever end.  I was sore all the time. And yet I kept going.
At first, my motivation was just, “Well, I paid for this; I am going to get my money’s worth!”  Daris told me it would eventually get easier, and he was right. It didn’t happen right away, but gradually, I would go longer in each class before crying. And then I wasn’t crying at all, even when I was exhausted. I think I also kept going back because of the other women in class. They’re all supportive, competitive, professional, and smart. I learn from them every morning. They’re really happy to be there, and we’re all in it together. I never felt that kind of (dare I say it?) team spirit at the gym. Now, I look forward to seeing them every day, and to seeing how far I can push myself. I can’t even believe I’m writing this, actually. I never thought I would enjoy exercise this much.
The classes that we do are different every day, and sometimes they’re really fun, and sometimes they suck (sorry, Daris!), but they’re never boring. As the Challenge wound down at the end of June, I hurt my knees again. I missed the last two weeks of the Challenge because I had to rest them, and during that time, I had a heart to heart with myself about whether to join JCF again, or to just find a cheaper gym option. Turns out my physical therapist was inside a very nice Equinox gym, but as soon as I got inside and was faced with the rows and rows of machines and people working out like zombies, my stomach sank, and I just knew I couldn’t go back to that. So I joined JCF, and I am a firm believer that it is worth every penny. I lost 14 pounds during the Challenge period, and my clothes fit again, but more importantly, I discovered that my body is capable of more than just carrying my head around. That seems really trite, but my job is so intellectually challenging that sometimes the physical part of being alive fades into the background. But now I’ll never take my body for granted again. I appreciate what it can do every single day.” 

 Kim cz



Kim, Thank you for sharing your struggles and successes!  We truly love having you as a member of the JCF Fitness Fam! 

We hope that her story has inspired YOU to push a little bit harder in your workouts this week. 

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