Camper Spotlight – Kiley R. Pushing Her Limits and Recognizing True Success

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Congratulations to Kiley, our March Camper Spotlight.  Even when you think you’ve done all you can do,  something clicks and you realize you can do more!  Read on for Kiley’s story in her own words.

I found JCF through my sister, Gill, after I moved up here almost 2 years ago. I had recently finished training and completing the NYC marathon and knew that I needed something to keep me going and remain as active as I had been. I officially signed up on January 2016 and never looked back.

The success I have had with JCF is that I have realized that I can push myself so much further than I ever thought. It has changed the way I look at certain exercises and especially weight training. There is always this stigma that lifting weights will make you look too bulky. JCF has shown me that is not the case and that I am stronger than I ever imagined. It incorporates weights, cardio, HIIT, tabata in a way that makes you use muscles you didn’t know you had or in a way that is different than you ever did before.

My biggest struggle that I have had with JCF, and really any type of workout, is being controlled by the number on the scale. Society doesn’t make it any easier when all that is shown are models that are stick thin. JCF has taught me that the number shown is not what is important but what is important is how you feel. Specifically the fit test, which shows you there are more important “numbers” (BMI, body fat % and muscle %) to look at instead of just what your weight is. I have found that I am no longer fighting to keep that number low but to understand as a whole where my body and health is at every month and how much further I am coming in my fitness journey.

An immediate goal of mine is to look and feel amazing on my wedding day. Long term, I want to be able to maintain my weekly schedule of JCF. Life gets busy and I know we all fall off the wagon but working out is more than just attending a few sessions; it’s making it a whole lifestyle. I know I feel better throughout the day when I force myself out of bed and get to the gym.
The camaraderie and family-like atmosphere is really what keeps me coming back and is what I would tell anyone who is interested in JCF. I know that every morning I will see the same amazing group of people in that gym. It’s early, we’re all sleepy but we are all in this together. Everyone lifts each other up and there is no negative competition, just competition to push each other to our “no quit zone”. There is no judgment and everyone is so welcoming. JCF is truly a melting pot and I think anyone looking to better themselves and experience a life change will look no further after their first session.

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