Camper Spotlight – Katie’s Been Hooked Since Day 1 and is Inspired to Help Others

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Congrats to Katie for being this month’s Camper Spotlight!

Katie1 A huge congrats to Katie for being June’s Camper Spotlight! Job well done Katie!  It’s always great to spotlight our Camper’s success.  It’s one of our favorite moments here at the JCF HQ.  It’s always a pleasure having former athletes in boot camp because they’ve been a part of teams most of their lives and fit awesomely well into team-like environment here at JCF…Katie is no different. I speak on behalf of the JCF team, it’s been great having you here Katie and we commend your commitment to yourself and your routine. Job well done!

Here’s Katie’s story in her own words:


“I had been looking into JCF for a while and so I gave it a try and I was hooked from day 1. Daris is such an inspiring coach who really pushes me and gives me the motivation I need to keep coming back. He truly cares about his campers and puts thought and time into every workout to assure great results from everyone. There is a different work out every day and the other campers have become like teammates who always push me to work my hardest. Never in my wildest dreams did I envision myself getting up at 5am on a dark, cold while before actually joining. I was an athlete my whole life always having a team and coach to push me. After college I took some time off from exercising and hated the way I felt. After paying for useless gym memberships, I decided it was time to give winter morning to go do burpees. What I have found is by pushing myself to do this I discovered a new person, one who loves to work out not only for the results but also because it makes me feel better, live better and think better. I actually look forward to waking up early to get to boot camp because it makes my day better. I have been so inspired by JCF that I have even started to pursue a new career in fitness and health so I too can help others the way JCF has helped me. What started out as a way to get myself in shape has actually changed my whole life and strive toward living life to the fullest and challenging others to do the same. I have never felt so strong and healthy. Thank you Daris, Cara, Yari and JCF community for all the motivation!”



Katie, thanks for sharing your story!  We love having you be a part of our JCF fitness family!

We hope you enjoyed Katie’s story and that you take the initiative to help you feel alive again!

“All day. Everyday.”

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