Camper Spotlight – Jill Corrected Her Form and Is Down 20lbs.

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Congrats to Jill for being our August’s camper spotlight! Awesome job!

A BIG WHOO-RAAHHH for Jill for being our August’s Camper Spotlight for totally rocking it the past six months! Not only is her physical transformation outstanding, the mental transformation is more awesome! It’s been an honor to see Jill adapting to making JCF a way of life. Keep on keeping on Jill (holding your fellow Campers accountable hahaha)!

Here’s Jill’s story in her own words…


“I began working out with JCF in January of this year in the Transformation Challenge. When I saw the Challenge advertisement on my FB feed I’d been getting ready to work out again after recovering from a bad sprain the previous August. When I hurt myself I had been doing bootcamp-like exercises and getting a little stronger but not losing weight or toning. I have a very busy life and I knew that to make this work for my schedule and family I’d have to get it in before anyone in my house woke up, so I decided to come to 5:30am sessions. 


Bootcamp was so hard in the beginning. I had little stamina and needed a lot of correction in my form. I had to let go of my ego and accept where I was with my body and my health. There were times I felt embarrassed by my body, and what I thought I must look like doing burpees and other challenging exercises, and sometimes I wanted to take a break to not feel that way. What I decided to focus on was respecting the effort it took to get there every day at 5:30am and knowing there was an end at six weeks. I decided it wasn’t worth the effort to get out of bed to not try my best, and not lose weight. This was already hard. I didn’t want to make it harder for myself or let myself down. 


With that plan I began to see results in three weeks. Clothes started to feel a little differently even if you couldn’t tell from the outside just yet. I felt amazing every day and proud of myself when I could do more and more reps with less strain. In six weeks, I lost eleven pounds. I still had goals to reach so I joined, and in six months I’ve lost twenty pounds. I continue to work out five days a week and I’ve cleaned up my diet, so I can enjoy treats like ice cream and wine without derailing my progress. My goal for the fall/winter is to gain more muscle definition by increasing my weights and looking more closely at my diet and ways to tighten it up. 


My advice to anyone considering joining JCF is to try a challenge and give it all you’ve got. Be determined to hold nothing back and you will see amazing results and be so proud of what you have done. The only thing holding you back are your own limiting beliefs.”

Jill, thanks for sharing your story! And here’s to more heavy weights and muscle definition!

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