Camper Spotlight Jessica D.-Mother of three down 2 pants sizes and counting

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Congrats to our camper spotlight Jessica D.!!  You ROCK!!

Our Camper Spotlight for the month is Jessica D. for continuing to get better each and every session she attends. She impresses the JCF Family inspires her fellow campers and embodies the JCF spirit! Congrats on a wonderful transformation Jessica …job well done! Here is her story in her own words …….


As a mother of three children my life was consumed by wake up, get the kids ready, get myself ready, take the bus to the PATH and take the subway to my office.   Sprinkle in stopping at Dunkin Donuts for that coffee and bagel and having McDonalds for lunch because it was convenient and you have a recipe for Mommy getting a little pudgy and unable to play after the day’s activities because she was too tired.


Not only was I getting tired I was slowly but surely going up sizes.   Before I had my 4 year old daughter I was active and a healthy size 8. While she was an infant I was breastfeeding and eating extra calories. After I weaned her at about a year I never stopped eating those extra calories and didn’t have a work out regiment. I slowly went up to a size 10.   Two years later I had my second daughter. Again I breastfed her, again I kept eating the extra calories to feed her and again I continued eating extra calories after weaning her.   One day in April 2014 I noticed that the size 14 pants I had started to get tight on me and I slowly started creeping towards that plus size section.   That’s when I decided this has to end. What went wrong? I use be able to run 7 minute miles. I use to play soccer and play an entire game no problem. I started looking for a gym but I’m the type of person that needs to be motivated. I hate just running on a treadmill or lifting weights while looking at myself in the mirror. BOOOOORIIING!


Enter JCF. I contacted Daris in May of 2014 and he set me up with a trial run. After the first session I was hooked.   I started walking to the train from my apartment and from the Path to my office. I walk a total of 3 miles daily. My coworkers have noticed that I’m a more energetic and happy no matter what crazy emergency is thrown my way. I take the kids out biking, I go on trail runs with my husband, and I have actually ran and completed a 5K this fall.   It’s only has been 7 months and I’m already down to a size 10. My eating habits have improved as well.   Having JCF be part of my daily routine has de improved my over health and fitness.   I look forward to continue working with the JCF crew and tackling the Tough Mudder that is coming Jersey City next year!

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