Camper Spotlight – Jess S. Got Her Mind Right and a Ton of Results!

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Congrats to Jess S. for being our latest Camper Spotlight!  Jess S. mentioned in her story that “…I would like to say Thank You!”  Let us DSC_0728thank you for two years of support and for being a part of our JCF fitness family!

Nothing but high fives and positivity when boot camping with Jess S.  Next time you see her be sure to give her a high five for a job well done and ask her to share the JCF Core Values!

Here’s Jess’ story in her own words:

 “When I was first looking for a new exercise outlet, I started searching online, along with my sister, Melissa S. (also a camper!), for a   boot camp in Jersey City. We found JCF Boot Camp, and quite honestly, JCF found us.  Feeling lost and unhealthy, JCF provided a new “way of life.”

I remember feeling nervous at my first session at 5:45am in the morning! Ha! Ugh! By end of the session, I felt invigorated and ready to start a new healthy chapter of life.  Around the same time there was the Rock My Skinny Jeans Challenge getting underway.  I thought I was not ready for it.  However, a year later when the next RMSJ Challenge came around, I was ready!  After having completed it, I can say that the challenge made me a better person. If anyone out there is wondering if you’re ready, I say go for it, you will only be inspired by what you can do once you put your mind to it!

I’d like say Thank You! to Daris Wilson, our inspirational trainer, leader and coach!  He is encouraging without being overbearing. He is informative without being judgmental.  Daris sets a tone of camaraderie and respect among JCF campers. He also promotes accountability for us AND himself, which I admire and appreciate. He helps us get better: all day, every day!  Next, I’d like to share my RMSJC experience. At first I was nervous to take on the challenge, especially once I found out about the first week detox. But I took Daris’ words of wisdom to “get my mind right” and did just that.  I successfully completed week 1 and lost albs.  The challenge was not easy, which is why it’s aptly named RMSJ Challenge, but it was definitely worth it!  I feel that completing the RMSJC has proven another Daris-ism “you cannot out-train bad nutrition”.  I took my commitment to the challenge seriously, and I Daris’ commitment to helping me reach my goal seriously.  As a result, I lost 17.2 lbs., 12 inches, lowered my BMI and body fat percentage AND I can Rock MY Skinny Jeans!!!  I highly recommend this challenge to everyone who is looking to make “fitness a way of life”.  Participating in the RMSJC was empowering, and it taught me that I am stronger than I thought I was which makes me proud.  Thanks, again, JCF, for being committed to our health and fitness!”

Jess S., thanks for sharing your story and choosing JCF the previous 2 years!  We hope your story supports someone  on their fitness journey the way you’ve been supported!  We absolutely enjoy having you in our JCF Family!

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