Camper Spotlight – JCF Made a Difference Both Inside and Outside for Jess L.

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 Congrats to Jess L. for being May’s Camper Spotlight!

JessL2JessL2jessLWe have such amazing people that’s part of our JCF fitness family.  Their dedication and commitment to a life-long journey of health and fitness is not only inspiring, but sparks other people into action and helps to keep people motivated along their journey. 

Our Camper Spotlight this month is Jess L!  She’s a former ball player and AWESOME addition to our JCF Family. She embodies the JCF spirit – work hard, smile, and improve daily.  You can always catch her giving a high five and/or encouraging her fellow Campers.  

 Jess L., thanks for telling all your friends about us and your continued support!

Here’s Jess L.’s story in her own words…JessL2 


  “I’ve always enjoyed being active. Growing up, I horseback rode six times a week and due to my 5’11 height, was scoped out to play basketball when I was in middle school. Despite being active, my weight during high school (and into college) would fluctuate, leading to a lack of self-confidence. When I went to college, and then graduate school, I found less time (and motivation) to work out in a way that made me feel like the 60 minutes I put in was worthwhile.

When I moved to Jersey City, I began using my company’s in-house gym, but due to crazy work days and longer hours it wasn’t on a consistent basis. I needed something that would hold me accountable and constantly push me to work harder. When a good friend of mine suggested that I try JCF out, I agreed to – but was nervous (and a little intimidated – boot camp sounded so hardcore!).  After the first session I was hooked, signed up right away, and haven’t looked back. I knew that Daris and JCF would really make a difference for me, both on the outside and the inside.

I joined JCF because I wanted to tone up and finally start to gain confidence in myself. After only a few sessions, I began to notice the difference in my body and, as a result, my confidence began to grow. Never would I ever have thought that I would look forward to waking up at 5:10a four times a week, but it is so worth it. The women are amazing, supportive and motivating. Daris has an excellent way of pushing you harder every day while recognizing your efforts and milestone achievements. What’s amazing about JCF is that you can always improve and get physically stronger – there is no stopping yourself or hard limits.

In October, I completed the Tough Mudder – something I think I would have struggled with a whole lot more if it wasn’t for JCF. With my wedding coming up this fall, it was an obvious choice for me to continue working out with Daris and the amazing, supportive women at JCF to get bridal-gown ready.”

 Jess L. thanks for sharing your story! We truly love having you be a part of our JCF Family! 

We hope her story inspires YOU to take action.

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