Camper Spotlight Hedda J- A true game changer

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Congrats to our camper spotlight of the month Hedda J! You’re Amazing! hedda front hedda back

Our Camper Spotlight for the month is Hedda J. for making fitness a way of life. She impresses  and inspires the JCF Team and her fellow campers and embodies the JCF spirit! Congrats on an impressive transformation Hedda …job well done! Here is her story in her own words …….


As someone who has been working out on and off since high school working out became a little mundane for me after a while, it was something to do because I knew it was good for my overall health.

I remember seeing the JCF poster in the PATH station a couple of times and wondering what was so different from what I was already doing in the gym, but still wasn’t convinced for another six months.

In June of 2014, I decided to give JCF a shot since nothing changed with my mundane workouts within the last six months, I was also losing hope because I was working out less.

My first week was a kick in the butt because I thought I had some type of stamina, I didn’t, I couldn’t keep up. I remember missing a couple of sessions and when I got back the first thing Daris said to me was “Get Your Mind Right.” I loved that because I was being held accountable, no gym could do that especially working out on my own.

So I began the daily sessions of new and challenging workouts. After a month, the workouts gave me the confidence to enter my first Mud Race in July. Just when I started to get my grove and saw huge improvements in my overall body compensation, Daris took it to another level.

Drastic improvements came when I took part in the 8-week JCF Game Changer Program, let me just say WOW!!!

My main objective for entering the Game Changer program was to focus on     my nutrition. It was out of control (boy, I love junk food, especially sweets). I’m what you would consider an emotional eater, regardless if I was happy or sad I ate whatever was available and at times I wasn’t even hungry.

So, along with the daily JCF workouts which included track workouts we were provided with specific meal planning and prep that were to be followed to-a-tee, NO EXCUSES!

The workouts along with the nutritional guidance proved to be instrumental in my overall mind and body transformation because we were taught how to plan and prep meals and make wise food choices.

The meal planning offered alternatives for my favorite foods while still offering cheat days so that you didn’t feel deprived, that was the best part for me since I love food.

Today, I still continue to plan and prep my meals and attend daily workout sessions. There are slip-ups at times but I jump right back on the bandwagon because nothing beats having your hard work get noticed.

Let’s just say I walk a little taller and feel a lot more confident than I’ve ever did before.

Thank you Daris, the entire JCF Team and my Game Changer Boot campers who played a large role in this transformation process by constantly pushing me beyond my limits and holding me ACCOUNTABLE!!!”


  1. Inspiring! She did an amazing job! Daris is the best trainer ever, I love the way he makes you accountable. Although I no longer live in Jersey City, I can still hear him in the back of my head saying “you are in the No Quit zone! ” It keeps me pushing right through…great job Hedda J.

  2. Awesome spotlight, Hedda! Very inspiring :)

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