Camper Spotlight – Francesca Down To Pre-Baby and Pre-Marriage Weight

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Congrats to Francesca for being our October’s Camper Spotlight! Job well done!

Fran_spotlight_before Fran_Spotlight

A BIG WHOO-RAAHHH to Francesca!  Not only is she our October Camper Spotlight, she’s also the winner of our 21-Day Burn 2 Earn Challenge.  Here’s what can happen when you decide to hold yourself accountable! You create #newproblems for yourself.

Here’s here story in her own words:

“I’ve been struggling for years with my weight after having my two boys and finding the time to workout.  Of course, I thought the best solution was to workout at home.  I do have all the equipment and of course, I’ve tried several types of DVD workout programs and although some were great and I did see results, I could never stick to them for more than 6 weeks.  I just didn’t enjoy working out by myself.   I did lose some weight but could never keep anything off.  
I was not happy with the extra weight and of course I was one of “those people” that constantly complained about their weight.  I could never take a compliment because no matter how nice someone thought I looked I always felt fat.  Ladies, let me tell you there isn’t anything less appealing than constantly putting yourself down.  My husband is in the entertainment industry and I found myself going to less and less events with him because of the way I looked and the stress of finding something to wear was just too much.  I had went to one event in October 2014 and I was speaking with a friend who just recently had a baby and of course I was complaining about my weight and she asked me why didn’t I get a trainer.  Of course, I made up every excuse don’t have time, my boys, work, school, etc.  but I knew I had to do something soon I as didn’t recognize the person I had become.  
November 2014, I saw an ad on Facebook for the JCF 6 week transformation challenge and thought this is something I can possibly do and from day one I WAS HOOKED!  I knew this was something I needed to do and I MADE THE TIME.  There is always time!  I have learned in order for my family to be happy I needed to be happy.  I needed to find me again and make myself a priority and that’s what I did.  I rearranged some things around and with help from my family I found the time to workout. I had lost during that 6 weeks challenge almost 10 lbs and about 3% BODY FAT. 
I can’t say enough about JCF and the founder Daris Wilson.  The atmosphere he has created is truly amazing.  He pushes you to do “YOUR” best and makes you accountable. I can’t forget our other coaches Cait & Melissa who are awesome.  It is wonderful to be surrounded by a group of people that are constantly motivating and pushing you to do better. My fellow campers are truly the best group of people I have the privilege to workout with everyday.  
I won’t say there haven’t been struggles. My biggest struggle has been food but everyday I’m getting better.  Believe me once you start eating better you start feeling better.  ITS ALL ABOUT ACCOUNTABILITY!
So far, I have lost over 23 lbs. I have lost a tremendous amount of body fat and gained muscle.  I can honestly say today on my 44th Birthday :),  I’m in the best shape of my life and loving what I see when I look in the mirror.  I have learned a new way of living and will never go back.  
I can honestly say as women, we are quick to take care of everyone else before ourselves.  If I leave you with anything is you have to learn to make yourself a priority MAKE THE TIME, YOU ARE WORTH IT!
 <3 Francesca Cortes”
Francesca, thanks for sharing your story! Never let it rest!

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