Camper Spotlight: Diana Stronger than Ever and Addicted to High Fives

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Congratulations to Diana P., our March Camper Spotlight!  Diana just celebrated her one year anniversary with JCF.  Rather than rest on the laurels of that accomplishment, Diana is determined to not miss a session.  Way to keep pushing forward!

Diana is 2nd from right

Diana is 2nd from right

Here’s Diana’s story in her own words:

My adventure as a JCF camper began in January of 2015.  After many failed attempts at healthy living and countless unused gym memberships, I came across my first JCF challenge while scrolling through Facebook.  Initially the advertising caught my attention partly because the word “challenge” was too enticing to pass up and partly because after perusing the bootcamp’s page I was impressed with the before and after testimonials of its campers.

However, because of my lackluster experiences with locals gyms, my initial introduction to the program was met with hesitation.  I sensed that Daris could gauge that I was skeptical so he offered I try the program for a week. My first week was an eyeopener!  And here I am a year later loving my daily workouts.

After experiencing the “camper” culture I am happy to say… I am a believer!  The “healthy life” struggle is very real, and I’ve had my difficulties with appropriate food choices and staying on track with workouts but in the last year I’ve learned to align my thoughts with my goals and have seen my body do things I would never even fathom doing before; like 10 consecutive “real” push ups and not missing a session in two months, even while sick.  But most importantly, I’m astonished by how little I really care about the number on the scale, [a number] that I often obsessed about.

diana handstandA few other accomplishments I’m very proud to share: I’ve gained enough strength to do a proper handstand, went from lifting 10 pound dumbbells to 25, lost 10 pounds while enjoying food differently.  I have reduced my fat to muscle ratio and ultimately feel better physically than I ever have.  I try not missing a session because I really enjoy the daily motivational philosophies, team culture and my morning dose of high fives from my fellow campers. “All day every day JCF”

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