Camper Spotlight – Deanna Dropped Two Jean Sizes and Rock Her Skinnies Now!

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Congratulations to Deanna for being our latest Camper Spotlight!

Our Camper Spotlight this month is Deanna for giving 110% all day. everyday.  She’s also responsible for approximately a quarter of DSC_0698_Fotor_Collageall the high fives given at boot camp haha!  She has amazing energy and is super supportive of all around her – the JCF way. Here is her story in her own words.  Like to read it, here it go…

 I discovered JCF Boot camp during my morning commutes to Exchange Place over a year ago. I decided to do a little research and I found the website for more information.  I started JCF in August 2012 taking the night session and it was tough at the beginning but I kept going because Daris was exactly what I needed to push myself because honestly I am a bit lazy when it comes to exercising.  I was working out twice a week until October 2012, I had minor surgery and I could not do hardcore exercise for at least 2 to 3 months.  I tried to work out by myself but it was not working and I was eating what I thought was healthy; well I gained back the weight I lost from the summer again.  I was determine to get back to JCF Boot Camp in 2013. I returned to Boot camp in February and it was hard at first but It took me less time to bounce back…thank God!  One of the main reasons for me returning to JCF Boot Camp was the sense of community and the atmosphere of encouragement I felt in every session and the sessions were never boring.  I love surprises!  

Daris was promoting the second annual Rock My Skinny Jeans Challenge, I figured why not…I signed up, and I went to Gap to buy new skinny jeans that were two sizes too small.  I honestly thought to myself half-believing that I would have to squeeze myself into them at the end of the challenge because I did not believe that I would see a huge difference.  Included in the challenge was a nutrition workshop and grocery store tour. I gained a lot from both.  I really learned a lot about foods and nutrition, it was hard at the beginning but it helped that I had my fellow Skinny Jean Challengers to rely on and Daris too.  I started to see a difference half way through the challenge and I realized that my nutrition was super important and the fellow campers complete the entire experience.  I have made friends with everyone and I cherish it.  There was no doubt after the challenge was over that I would not continue with JCF Boot Camp because I have accomplished a lot during these past few months, things I never thought I would be able to do, all thanks to JCF Boot Camp, JCF community and Daris.

Deanna, thanks for sharing your story and being a boot camp rockstar!  We hope her story supports you on this journey the way Deanna does for all around her!  We absolutely enjoy having you in our JCF Family!

To find out how we can help you fit into YOUR skinny jeans, fill out the form below.


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