Camper Spotlight – Daizzee Releases Over 50 lbs and Transforms from the Inside Out

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Daizzee lets her guard down to give us a peek at her struggle to overcome those ANTs (automatic negative thoughts). We are so proud of her physical and mental transformation.

I became a member of JCF Bootcamp in April 2015. I was angry, hurting, feeling wounded and betrayed. Things had gone awry in my personal and professional life and my self-loathing led to a period of depression. I had a tendency to be an emotional eater and my 5’9″ frame had ballooned to 200 lbs. I’m not a former athlete nor would I describe myself as an avid exerciser. I have however, been a member of other gyms in the past and had even worked out on my own and remained in relatively good shape but this time was different. I was overwhelmed physically and emotionally and needed help.

I was at a point wherein I had just about given up on myself completely. I didn’t believe I could do this on my own and I knew that any exercise program I joined must include individual and/or group instruction. After finding out about JCF I was impressed with how comprehensive the program is with its offerings of individual follow-up meetings with Coach Daris, guidance and instruction in nutrition, and on-going health and fitness seminars, in addition to its HIIT exercises. ( Something I had never done before) It was apparent that the program was going to require hard work and dedication. I still wasn’t sure if I could do it. I was at my lowest energetically and beating up on myself had become my norm.

Coach Daris could see how unhappy I was and encouraged me to stop living from the past and emphasized the importance of self-love and me taking care of me. Ultimately, I was motivated to join JCF because of the connection with Coach Daris. It was evident that JCF values the inner well being of its members as much as the obvious outer physical transformation that comes about with fitness and working out.

My biggest struggle after joining JCF had to do with me getting out of my own way. I was very angry with myself for having gained so much weight. I was frustrated because I had difficulty moving, keeping up with the group and doing the exercises properly. I could barely run. I was sore all the time, had to apply ice and soak in Epsom salt baths to realize any relief and hated it whenever we were broken into competitive groups to workout because I felt all eyes on me and believed that my slow moving self held my group back. Many a session, I’d be in the back of the gym crying, quickly wiping my tears away so that no one would notice.

Yet, I kept hearing Coach Daris’ words and seeing his face. He saw strength in me that I didn’t know I had. No one had expressed such belief in me before especially when I felt I didn’t deserve it. The truth is that in the beginning I continued to show up at bootcamp so as not to let Coach Daris down. It had nothing to do with me.

After about a month although I hadn’t noticed a major weight change I did begin to feel better physically and had greater flexibility. I made a commitment to stop beating up on myself and not to say anything mean-spirited to myself that I wouldn’t think of saying to a friend or someone I cared about. It became easier to incorporate healthy eating and drink more water. I felt deserving of the “hi-fives” and words of encouragement I’d receive from fellow Campers. I was learning to embrace and believe in me just as I was — overweight and all.

By August of 2016 I had released over 50 lbs. My body fat has dropped from 41.1% to 27.2%. My muscle % has increased from 25.4% to 31.3%. I’m able to go in my closet, close my eyes, touch a clothing item and be able to wear whatever I touch. If it doesn’t fit it’s because it’s too big!

Running still isn’t my most favorite form of exercise but at least I can do it now. I can do the much respected burpee without having to utilize a chair. I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment, am proud of myself for not giving up and am so grateful to Coach Daris and the entire JCF team for supporting and inspiring me.  I look forward to improving my overall fitness, getting stronger, increasing my stamina and gaining muscle definition. I can’t stress enough that without my internal transformation the external changes would never have occurred.

I encourage anyone interested in improving his or her life through physical fitness to join JCF Bootcamp. It is designed to meet the needs and abilities of every Camper from the trained athlete who might get easily bored as well as the overweight novice like I was. The program is based on HIIT — intended to ensure that all members reach their fitness goals in the most effective way. JCF encourages a spirit of friendliness and mutual trusts that make for a welcoming safe space to be vulnerable and challenge yourself.

The foundation of JCF is its professional team of coaches, nutritionist and administrative staff. They value professional enrichment and keep their skills current through on-going continuing education classes and retreats. Their motto, ” Better Body, Better Life” couldn’t be truer. With JCF you change your present and change your future.

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