Camper Spotlight – Carla Tells Her Truth About Being Part of a Unique Team

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It’s one of our favorite times of the month when we get to spotlight a Camper’s awesomeness!  This month we’re spotlighting Carla as our Camper Spotlight. Come rain, sleet, or snow we can count on Carla being at her 5:45am session! No coincidence she reached her 100th session at pretty rapid pace (congrats again!).  Those that has taken a session with her, knows there is NEVER a dull moment when she’s around and we love her for that.

Here is Carla’s truth:

“What lead me to JCF was restlessness, weight gain, stress and feeling that I needed to start living again. I had just ended a job as a nanny and started a new one less than one month later and I totally wanted a new start overall.  I felt on my old job that I had given 150% of myself and at the end I felt so broken and had very little control of my life.

I always had in the back of mind that I would love to do a high intensity workout and I made the steps to sign up with a gym that does that type of workout in Hoboken, however, the idea came to me to try Bootcamp, I googled the word and JCF came up and at that time JCF had a special price running. I figured it was inexpensive enough so I will try it. My plan was to do the special and that would be the end, well I am still looking for that end over 8 months later.  I would also admit that I hated the first class saying to myself that I have three more sessions to go and what a waste but I have eaten my words time and time again.
JCF have become an absolute addiction to me.  I am always driven by the motivation, encouragement and respect our instructor Daris always give.  I love the fact that even though it’s a room full of women at 5:45 a.m., when at that crazy wake up call to sweat, one would expect attitude or cattiness (which every woman knows how we human felines can be), it’s quite the polar opposite.  There is always constant cheering on, high fives, “you can do it” and the list goes on and on.  The encouragement by the entire team makes one want to be accountable at all times and that is my driving force for making it to JCF for weekly workouts.  This attitude is attributed to Daris ability as a leader.
I would totally recommend anyone to be a part of this unique team, it’s something you would never find in a regular gym and I have seen first hand that Daris programs whether to lose weight, tone up, change your overall body structure, totally works.  The energy level after every workout no matter the intensity is surprisingly high.
Anyone who is thinking about taking charge of their health in 2014 and reading my story I hope it will motivate you to take the steps I made over 8 months ago, you will not regret it!!!!
Thanking you team JCF for allowing me to tell my truth!!”

Carla, thanks so much for sharing your truth! We hope your story supports someone on their fitness journey to become part of a unique team the way you have (even though you didn’t like your 1st session haha). It’s been great having you be part of our fitness family!
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