Camper Spotlight Briana B. -Stronger and Happier than Ever Before

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Congrats to Briana B. for being this month’s Camper Spotlight


Our Camper Spotlight for the month is Briana B. for the effort she brings to each session and being a constant inspiration to the people around her! She impresses the JCF Family at each session and embodies the JCF spirit! Congrats on a wonderful transformation Briana …job well done! Here is her story in her own words …….


I’ve always enjoyed being active but I’ve never really been an athlete. Throughout my life I’ve tried classes at various gyms, yoga, my own fitness routines, and other methods of getting in shape but never felt passionate enough to stick with any of them. In January 2014, I moved to Jersey City. After a few months of laziness and bad eating, I wanted to make a change but could not find a gym in the area that I liked. One day I was out for a run and saw a group working out on the Pier at Exchange Place. I think it was fate! After trying out my first session, I knew JCF was what I was searching for.

JCF has made the most positive impact on my life. I truly feel stronger and happier than ever before. It’s crazy to me that I now look forward to waking up at 5AM to work out. I never thought I’d be capable of strength training, holding a five minute plank or running over six miles. I want to thank Daris, Cara, and Katie for motivating me everyday and helping me to believe in my own strength. Whenever I think I’ve reached my limit, they remind me to get my mind right and keep pushing. I recently competed in the NY City Challenge Race and I could hear the coaches’ motivational mottos in my head to help me finish strong. Working out with the other JCF ladies is so fun and inspirational, sometimes I forget how hard I’m working.

I have also learned a lot about nutrition and how to eat healthy from Daris. Although I have definitely always loved eating, I’ve never considered myself a great cook because I would get bored with making the same meals all the time. Now I look forward to finding new healthy recipes and have learned how to create a meal that will best fuel my body. JCF has helped me to become a better, happier person from the inside out and I am excited to continue working towards and achieving my goals! ALL DAY. EVERY DAY.

Thank you!

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