Camper Spotlight – Amy G. Went From Residency to 25lbs. Down

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Congrats to Amy G. for being this month’s Camper Spotlight!


Our Camper Spotlight for the month is Amy G. for her dedication and commitment to her health and routine despite her hectic schedule. She’s been an amazing addition to our JCF Family and embodies the JCF spirit! Congrats on a wonderful transformation Amy…job well done!

Here’s Amy’s story in her own words…


“After my first two years of residency, wearing drawstring scrubs every day and eating whatever was most convenient, I was probably in the worst shape I’ve ever been in. Working 80 hours a week made it hard to find time to exercise and extremely easy to make excuses. When I decided to take time during residency to do research (and pretend to have a normal life for a while), I faced the fact that none of my pants fit any more and tried to find a solution.

I had had a gym membership, but pretty much never went and found logging time on the treadmill/elliptical/bike to be exceptionally boring. In trying to find something more motivating and social, I found JCF’s website and signed up for my first session in August 2013. I picked the 5:45 session since I was already used to waking up well before that, and figured I’d be more likely to keep going if I got working out over with first thing in the morning. That first day was rugged. I didn’t realize how far I had let my physical conditioning deteriorate and was humbled by how athletic the JCF ladies were. I was also motivated by their energy, cheerfulness, and ready encouragement. I began to see improvements in my endurance and strength within a couple of weeks and grew to look forward to those early mornings on the pier.

Daris, the head trainer, and now Cara do a great job of getting you to push yourself harder, outside of your comfort zone and recognizing your hard work, giving you the mental edge to keep going. Every bootcamp session is different (although you can pretty much always expect burpees) and mixing it up keeps your body guessing and changing day after day.

After 10 months at JCF I couldn’t be happier that I made the commitment, invested in myself, and joined an amazing, strong group of women that support and motivate each other to be a little better every day. I’ve lost 25 pounds and fit into my old clothes again – by this time next year I hope to need a new, smaller wardrobe. JCF has helped me learn that an hour of exercise gives you more energy than an extra hour of sleep, got me out of my comfort zone and competing in obstacle races and inspired me to do the best I can, “All day, every day!””



Amy, thank you for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to your better body and body life. Thanks for sharing your story!

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