Camper Spotlight-Amy C. From Physical Therapy to Physical Fitness

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Congrats to Amy C. for being this month’s Camper Spotlight!

Amy C

Our Camper Spotlight for the month is Amy C. for her dedication and commitment despite injuries that kept her out of the game for YEARS!!! She’s been an inspiration to our JCF Family and embodies the JCF spirit! Congrats on a wonderful transformation and come back Amy…job well done!

Here’s Amy’s story in her own words…


“I feel very fortunate that I have known Daris for several years after being introduced to JCF in 2009 by a friend and former boot camper. It has been remarkable to see Daris grow as a trainer and develop the JCF program into what it is today – kudos! Whenever I catch up with some of the former boot campers from JCF’s early years, every single person is in awe of Daris’s accomplishments and how many lives he has changed through the JCF program.

My first JCF session was in the Fall of 2009 and very quickly I knew that the constantly changing class-style and Daris’s coaching attitude were a perfect fit for me. I was immediately hooked on the program. I made so many great friends, had so much fun, and the results were incredible. Then in the Spring of 2010, I fell off a curb one day while out shopping and tore all of the major ligaments in my ankle. It was heartbreaking for me because I felt stronger than ever thanks to Daris and here I was unable to even walk for several months. I spent the next several years (yes, years!) in physical therapy programs trying to restore my muscle strength and mobility in my ankle. During that time, I missed Daris and his intense workouts, and the camaraderie you build with your fellow boot campers. I hated working out alone and my spirits were completely crushed because I assumed I would never be as athletic as I once was. Despite trying to come back to JCF several times over the years, my ankle and my mind were just not ready for the physical challenge until 2014 when I rejoined JCF. It has been several months now and I am so happy and grateful to be back.

When I told Daris I was ready to return to JCF he helped me come up with a plan to get in shape for my Wedding Day in October. At first I was obsessed with the number of the scale and how many pounds I thought I had to lose before I felt good about myself. My attitude has completely changed thanks to Daris and JCF. I feel good about myself when I show up to boot camp and try my hardest – not based upon what the scale says. My focus is now on getting stronger and fueling my body with healthy food. I would rather define myself by how many burpees or suicides I can do, then how many pounds I have left to lose. JCF has helped me manage my stress levels and because of that I’ve been able to push through my weight loss plateaus and have fun in the process. I can’t thank Daris and Cara enough for pushing me harder than I thought possible. I am so grateful for my fellow boot campers that encourage me and help motivate me to try my hardest every day – you guys are the best! When I rejoined JCF this year Daris asked me why I had chosen him and JCF and the answer was very simple – I trusted him. I knew that Daris would help me reach my goals and he has not let me down.”



Congrats again Amy C. I’m sure your story will inspire many!!!

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