Camper Spotlight – Amanda More of the Person She Wants to Become and Down 53 lbs

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 Congratulations to Amanda for being January’s Camper Spotlight! Job well done!!




Let’s give a big WHOO-RAAHHH to Amanda.  Her story is a great example of how JCF’s core values of accountability and camaraderie go a long way toward helping people achieve the results they want.

Here is Amanda’s story in her own words…

“So, about this time two years ago, my sister was set to get married! Shortly after her engagement, she asked me to be her maid of honor.  Now, I was obviously ecstatic to accept, but at the same time I was worried about being the heaviest of her bridal party, weighing in at 210lbs! So I decided to make a change and lose the weight. I worked hard on my own and lost about 20lbs in time for her wedding. But of course, after the wedding, it didn’t take me long to gain it all right back. It was a vicious cycle.  I was lacking the self discipline and motivation to keep going.

A friend of mine mentioned she’d seen an ad for a free session at a boot camp and offered to try it out. So we registered for a morning session. Didn’t go. I wanted to lose the weight; I just filled my head with endless excuses that stopped me from taking the necessary action.  It was easier than trying to find the dedication I thought I didn’t have. It wasn’t until I went shopping for a pair of jeans, and came to realize I was only going up in size. Feeling disappointed and sorry for myself, I registered for a 3 week program that JCF was offering mid February. My first day, I was late. So I was right smack in the front, where everyone could see me struggling to work out. I felt embarrassed and completely intimated. However, I was blown away by the support from the coaches that day, and by the encouragement of the other campers. I quickly became comfortable enough to not hold back.

Within my 3 week trial, I knew that was exactly what I needed to give me the push to make much needed changes in my life. When I was asked to become a camper, I didn’t even hesitate.  Since I started with JCF, I have been able to lose a total of 53lbs, increase my muscle percentage and decrease my BMI!  It wasn’t until recently completing the Elite program, where I came to realize my progress. I was always focused on how much more I wanted to lose, I didn’t take the time to notice how much was already gone! The program forced me to take pictures, which I HATED! But it was a great way to actually see the changes in myself. That alone was an enormous push to keep going.  

My biggest struggle was getting myself to commit to keep going. Even after trying, and failing, the support that came from JCF gave me the drive to keep pushing. (They WILL hold you accountable, trust me.) I have tried everything the world offers to lose weight, the easy way. I never got near the results I wanted. Not only did I want to lose weight, I wanted to be a healthy version of myself. Looking back, JCF has changed my life for the better. The coaches taught me to work my a** off for the results I wanted, and drilled that quitting was NOT an option. (They pay very close attention to sessions missed.) The other campers showed me what it was like to have a huge support system that was just as reliable as the coaches! I couldn’t be more grateful. The results, the complete lifestyle change, and the chance to encourage someone to push forward are all worth the hard work!  At this point, I couldn’t picture my life without JCF. I have also had my best friend and sister take part in JCF and they love it just the same! If I can be someone’s reason to get started on building a healthier version of themselves, then full force ahead!

I have, and will continue to refer others to try out JCF. I never would have been able to get my body into the shape it is now without making this commitment! I would love for anyone else to have the same opportunity! I couldn’t thank the coaches or the other campers enough! It doesn’t get better than JCF. Better body better life, and of course, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY! “

Thanks for sharing your story Amanda.  Now that you’ve found your motivation, keep pushing forward :)


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