10 Ways to a Kick-Butt in 2013

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kick buttWhy this is YOUR Year!

1. You will not use “I can’t..” “I wish..” “I’d like to…” and replace that with “I will..” “I can..”

2. You will take action NOW instead of waiting until Monday and/or thinking about it.

3. You will figure out what you want in life. Write it down accompanied with “why.” Take steps toward your goals with your thoughts, words, and actions.

4. You will stop and ask yourself, “is this adding or subtracting to/from my mind, body, or soul” before ANYTHING enters your mind, body, or soul.

5. You will watch less T.V. and will engage your mind, body, and soul more.

6. You will do something that’s really hard for you. I’m talking something that will create a physical, emotional, and mental triumph.

7. You will drink more water every day.

8. You will see the “glass half-full.” Be thankful for what you have instead of frustrated for you don’t have.

9. You will create community. Create happiness.

10. You will move, sweat, and laugh more every day.

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