WHY WAIT Workout Series #3

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WHY WAIT Workout Series #3

Tip of the Day:   Hydrate!  You lose a lot of fluid during exercise and ideally, you should be replacing it during exercise, but filling up after exercise is an easy way to boost your recovery.  

Workout #3 “No Butts, No Glory”

Equipment needed: timer (watch); dumbbells (optional); mat (optional)

Warm-up: 5 1-minute intervals of butt kicks, squats, lateral lunges, jumping jacks, and squat jumps.

Perform the following exercises for 45 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest between exercises. Complete the full set, rest for 45-120 seconds and REPEAT. Then move on to the next group of exercises. 

  • One-legged deadlifts (left)
  • One-legged deadlifts (right)
  • Sumo squat w/alternating side leg lifts
  • Reverse lunge to front kick (left)
  • Reverse lunge to front kick (right)
  • Scissor jacks
  • Gate swings (legs jump out (similar to jumping jack) as you do so squat simultaneously and return to starting position)
  • Squat w/side kick (left)
  • Squat w/side kick (right)

 1-2 minute REST AND REPEAT!

  • Curtsy reverse lunge to lateral side lunge (left)
  • Curtsy reverse lunge to lateral side lunge (right)
  • Step-up w/glute kickback (left)
  • Step-up w/glute kickback (right)
  • Donkey kick to fire hydrant (left)
  • Donkey kick to fire hydrant (right)
  • Lateral ski jumps
  • Lateral shuffles (4 each direction)
  • Ridiculous lunges (combination of squat jumps and lunge jumps; Start in a squat, jump up and land in the bottom of a lunge position. Jump up again and land back in your squat position. Jump again and land in a lunge position (with legs opposite to the last lunge). Jump back to your squat and start again. Each round (2 jump squats and 2 lunges) equals 1 set.)

 1-2 minute REST AND REPEAT!


25 situps

25 bicycle crunches

15 leg circles (clockwise)

15 leg circles (counter-clockwise)

 Repeat 2-3 times

Cool down: 5-10 minutes; stretch quads, hamstrings, calves, hip flexors, IT bands, and glutes

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